Agoraphobia treatment and later some?

I have it and I am getting treatment. have anybody ever get over it completely, I denote going to trips abroad, taking airplanes, visit counties/ cities than are nothing but a big plain? (not freshly getting out of your house)

I knew a girl once, from Chicago, who could not stand person away from crowds where she be shoulder to shoulder with relations. I don't know whether that is agaoraphobia related. I am a short time ago the opposite I can't stand to be closed contained by. My theme song is the feeble song "Don't fence me contained by," give me ground lots of land lower than starry skis above etc.

It seems to me that it adjectives depends on how you are raised. If you are raise in a big city where on earth people are crowded together and you grasp your security from those relations and close proximity to their artifacts and evidence of them. Then "open spaces" label you feel smaller amount secure chief even to panic attacks. I be raised contained by the country where our family circle of five had no neighbors next to in a mile, within was no receiver, no TV's and the radio was a advance enjoyed occaisionally on weekends. I capture insecure when closed in a room or contained by large crowds of culture because I learned how to survive within the wide unfurl spaces on my own.

I have gotten over any frenzy or feeling of obsession at being within a city by just facing what I fear and doing the things I feared (like public speaking) and finding out in attendance was no valid danger involved. It be mostly imagination.

I think you can do alike for your fear of going out into the enlarge by making sure you know ahead of time how to get backbone to your secure environment and build on that. I expect I would still have suspicion of being closed into a small box though. But I'm also sure I would misgivings being cast off alone in a desert near no transportation and no cell phone. You see it is a matter of scope.

I don't know whether you are a religious person but one point that helped me be the belief, "You are never alone; God is there where you are." Seeing as how I had to believe I be not in a private world of my own making at any time and that the one that be always in that cared, it help me be more secure next to strangers and their artifacts around.

The girl from Chicago married a soldier and they were posted to lonely places adjectives over the world. She was in safe hands with him and studious to love it.

Good luck, Good health, Peace and Love!
Yes, there's explanations of what move about on through the internet, I hope you find success.

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