Anxety problems?

Does any one else have anxety promlems???

There are two kind of anxiety. There's the feeling we grasp every now and later when thinking about the adjectives or something that in yesteryear was stressful, and you're worried more or less. Sometimes this anxiety is a good point, it may motivate us to be better prepared the next time we must do something stressful, such as making a speech. Better preparation can muffle anxiety. The same goes for an upcoming audition or deadline at work.

Then there's the clinical kind of anxiety, the type that is to say debilitating and seriously cause problems enjoying energy and accomplishing goal. If you believe you have this problem, you should homily to a mental health expert. You may hold a biological predisposition to depression or anxiety, and may need professional relief. But talk to a professional, don't rely on a book or an online trial.
i call it Life!! antivan is FaB for anxiety!!

Everyone copes differently depending on all along the anxiety and how severe it is. I write down my stressful thoughts or find the source of the fear, and after stop and breathe to see if it has any truth to it. Counseling and meds back for some people. Some race find it helpful to do a hobby respectively day. I pray profoundly and use a combo of different tools. It is best to deal beside the problem asap. If you are having hysterics attacks, and I don't know if you are seek give a hand.
Of course. Many people cope beside anxiety daily. It's not exactly a nonspecific "part of duration," but it's something many of us do business with.
once I did too

and medication just masks it doesnt filch away the root problem

this is what cured my anxiety along with Philippians chapter 4 especially verse 6-8
=true love=coming to believe in Jesus and his strictness for us=John 3rd chapter,

David praying for you

check out this part-it will help your heart=the truest of adjectives love-not just to be prepared to die to protect another-the Jesus who died to protect those of us that didnt even care give or take a few him, then we are guided to worldly true love.

to be your best friend
this helped me=true love-help from above
=Revelation 1:1 chapter 1 rhyme 1 and chapter 3:19&20 I love you and knock on your heart door to come in deliver from sin and be your friend, when you ask me surrounded by." Jesus words =think of the future too

when its unadulterated and in honor-in friendship & for wedding for the future and living surrounded by honor till then. "In nuptials the bed is undefiled, but the others will be judged." Hebrews 13 contained by that chapter is also the promise once we let Jesus into our heart "I will never go away thee, nor forsake thee." verse 5
this is what get me self control=I have have the best of everything in energy (I thought) till I came to Jesus and bookish the joy of go, in sustenance and renewal, praying for you, -and I am just a messenger contained by Jesus amazing grace (John 3rd chapter) repented of my sins, even one lie and tolerate Jesus in to comfort and be my friend- for the best prince. it sure worked for me, =Jesus is the one to comfort you and to give you comfort to commit in a relationship, contained by Jesus amazing grace, John 3rd chapter repented of my sins,even one lie, and agree to Jesus in to be my friend=

"Jesus back me, thanks that you love me, I am sorry for my sins, come into my heart and backing me, be my friend, amen."

praying all go well for you too, David
YUP! Xanax babe. It's the only item that helps me. Ativan make me feel giant, I prefer Xanax.
Practically everyone suffers with anxiety--some can toy with it better than others, though.

I meditate, use relaxing lavender aromatherapy, drink Chamomile and Sleepytime Tea, practice Yoga, walk--a lot, write--a lot, have quit caffeine--maybe 1 morning cup--after that it's decaf.

I also turn to therapy once every three months, and run Klonopin for anxiety and panic attacks. I also lug Elavil (amitriptyline) for mild, chronic depression--and it helps me to grasp peaceful sleep.

I much preferred Xanax for anxiety and panic--it works faster--so what if it doesn't stay contained by the system as long, and you need an extra one respectively day. At least possible it didn't give me headache, like the Klonopin does. And, I want to take Klonopin an entire hour in the past I can leave my house. It make no sense to me that 'they' worry just about Valium and Xanax are too addicting--not after they told me that I would need to run Klonopin for my entire life--in other words, I'll be an addict anyway.
Get to the produce of the problem Anxiety can be a sign of a hormone imbalance, anemia, poor diet (high sugar, low protein), hyperthyroid, hypoglycemia. Taking drugs to capture rid of the symptoms doesn't cure the problem. Ask your doctor for some blood tests, or a CBC
Anxiety problems! Ha, I'm the queen of anxiety problems. Depending on how severe, I've prayed, taken sleeping pills, codein, xanax..fatefully these things are only a stopgap fix. I hope to one day not own anxiety like I do. I agitation death, desperate things happening to my child, the conclusion of the world, posession, people raiding my home, decapitation, the catalogue goes on and's horrible!

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