Answer this one and only if you own A D D...?

what helps you concentrate? it seem so sudden, this summer, my attention span is worse than that of a goldfish. I was doing fine this spring, getting adjectives a's in my classes, but presently I am so far behind, that i involve some kind of miracle. i am allergic to adjectives the medications paxil, zoloft, etc. seem like nil is right for me...

I know it seems anti intuitive, but caffeine help. I was competent to manage my ADD next to nothing but caffeine for years.
what be the question ?
Just pray to obtain through it!
No miracles. Sorry. Anti-depressants won't help unless you're depressed (and possibly not even then.) Stimulants (methylphenidate, amphetamine salts) do work but I'm not sure if you want to progress that route. Plus doctors usually won't diagnose ADD unless you've ALWAYS been similar to that. (Like since you started school at 5 or 6.) However, stimulants usually do still work; it's simply harder to get a doctor to prescribe them. There are masses supplements that work for some people (nothing works for everyone) similar to DMAE, ginko biloba, etc. You could look for combo supplements called "mental clarity" or something along those lines.
try to do single one thing at a time. that help me. and maybe you should discuss to your doctor
paxil and zoloft are mostly for depression and anixiety..

what about adderall, concerta, ritalin?
Maybe you are trying to rush into things and you deduce you have a deadline to realize and your not taking your time to concentrate on the things you need to concentrate on. Slow down rather and see if that will help you out any, perchance have a short time less on your plate to do!
I read. I find something I resembling. That helps me really acquire into whatever they are clich¨¦. My advice is to swot up to enjoy college even more than normal (or athletic!). Play games with what they read out (in your head). Ask complicated questions almost the subject matter mentally and try to work out the answer beside what you have learned-or next to what they say. And you are lucky. I have ADHD all my existence, but only not long have I begin to take the medication.
I have good results next to Stratera.
medication help me concentrate, I'm on Dexedrine spansule
I distribute my kid coffee and green tea i dont like the meds that put you on lead to it makes her late to the world she just sits and stairs i to some extent her be jumping past its sell-by date walls but try coffee and green tea it works for her.

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