2 months knock about on rivotril,,, 10 ativan contained by a step,, and numerous ocassions of taking ritalin 10 at a time 2 get hold of?

high.along near 5-6 years of smoking pot.. are the effects permanent?

Well, I'm not sure how much rivotril (we phone up it Klonopin in the US) you be taking but 2 months of taking more than 2 mg/day would cause a mild detox and return of anxiety or doesn`t matter what you originally took it for. If you took a lot 8 or more mg/day, you could enjoy a more serious detox but it would be over in smaller amount than a week. Same with Ativan which is another benzo but 10 mg at one time is really abundantly! (Are you sure it isn't 1.0 mg - just 1?) I'm not sure what you niggardly about the ritalin. Do you scrounging 10 mg or 10 tablets at a time. 10 mg is a very mild dosage. 10 tablets? - that's incredibly different. You could get heart palpitations, etc. but again, nought permanent. (I know they sometimes influence you don't grow as tall as you could but I haven't see that happen within my clients.) The effects of marijuana are usually temporary. Have you have any effects that seem to concluding longer? I mean smoking anything is unpromising for you lungs - it's debatable whether or not that's irremediable.

Yes they are. But you can help regain some brain function:

Eat fresh organic foods for at least a month

Drink 12 eyeglasses clean marine every day

Get a colonic once a month

Easy on meat, lots of fish and chicken

Vitamin C 500 Mil a afternoon

One a day Vitamin high-ranking in B12 and B6

Counseling and go and get into sports activity, art, gardening or a intensely physical job

Stay the hell away from the pot and adjectives other drugs!

Life is too dam short and too precious to be wasting on drugs!
Dood, U Nede Hellp.

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