A poem. What do you have an idea that?

Need to add more to it, but, yes, you guessed it, i'm stuck again.

I'm the target for your antipathy,
Your nasty pranks,
Your 'funny' ways.
I stumble, you giggle,
And inside i cry.
I get home and cut,
Praying to die.
Have to put on a cover,
Brave face to the strain.
Don't let the world know
That i suffer again.

i deem it very mournful and reminds me of being bullied at conservatory for being disabled. great poem
I approaching it.. you are a poet
It is a sad poem, but wonderfully wrote.
why dont you use that spirit towards something good, dont tolerate the fact that your bullied ruin your duration. Trust me i know.
But all this will outdo, as time goes prompt, then will I look final, and in my spoken chat, I will Thank God for my nouns, as I cry-ed out in grief.
it in actual fact means alot to me powerfully done.x
Hope you are not feeling this bearing.
Fantastic poem!...
It's the sort of thing you'd read on a bullying website...
It have alot of emotion within the words and expresses a lot of hurt...
Alot of inhabitants could relate to this...
Really good!!
Take meticulousness x
Its a great poem!
But if its you than don't worry almost that stuff. Well, i mean that, i go throw the same and still struggling to survive. But i manege and that's the suitable thing. Stop looking at the impossible stuff in you're existence and look at the good stuff.
Other than that, you're a great poet. You know that that can be a adjectives job.
Good luck! ^_^
I suggest you grasp yourself down to your docs and get on some anti depressants.
I suffer from depression and also take manic but i try not to wallow within my illness,so verbs yourself together.
I guess I'll be the target of everyone's hate immediately!
I thinks its finished,of late the way it is.Its disturbing,but it shows the reaction from action to recoil.to add more would cheapen and lose the organic effect of the transaction between person A and being B
it's a very nice poem...
bautifully written..we adjectives have our ways of dealing near the pain, some use art, some music (I close to to listen to music),etc..
maybe poetry help you xpress yourelf best..perhaps utilise your talent to make well yourself & it's a wonderful thing..
love & hugs xxGigi
i approaching dark poems and that ones is really right can i send that one to a friend i wont distribute it till i get your sanction
Very well written, capture many of the emotion myself and many others enjoy felt or are notion.
i really like it
Ha, I close to how some people are axiom that you need assistance and councilling and other things, it made me laugh.I instinctively thought the poem was nice, I love reading this type of poetry. Keep writing, It would be better if you go into more detail, like going on more or less the angry feelings for human being teased or the release you consistency when you cut. I liked the chunk about the brave obverse, sounds like what oodles of us do everyday just to survive.

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