Worrying treatments please?

Hi I am a good student at my big school and am 16. I appear to worry going on for the future similar to this summer job similar to not thinking I can do well on it and close to flying to a place for vacation, things similar to that that I have not done up to that time, please I know worrying won't help it make things worse so I need suggestions and comfort please, thank you.

Answers:    My mom used to say "All verbs is a lack of principle." What she meant by that be that if you believed in the existence of God and surrounded by God's ultimate plan, you have no need to verbs.

Well, that's fine for those who already have the contribution of faith. What give or take a few us flounderers, who think we own to orchestrate the rest of the world so we can feel comfortable within it?

Your worries sound similar to you're projecting pictures in your chief about what will occur if...(fill in the blank!). A soul does that in proclaim to be kind of prepared for disappointment and bad surprises. Only problem is, what you project almost never actually happen. Instead, something else you weren't even expecting comes along, and you're unprepared anyway.

If worry is making you stressed out and sad, fire that projectionist in your cranium. He's a pessimist, and NOT your friend! Instead, practice finding something enjoyable in the region of each entity that really does happen, as it happen. Like sitting next to a really hot chick on that airplane...:-))

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