Am I pushing myself?

I am suffering from depression,I started to feel a great deal better recently , today I'm inkling low, when do I snap out of it.
I feel fine when in attendance are no expectations put on me, when I think of returning to work I move about to pieces.I 'm on citalopram ,but always consistency edgey

I think you are pushing yourself so soon. It take several weeks for the medication to work and you have to be angelic to yourself and put yourself first. Be selfish for a while. It may pinch you some time before you can return to work, but don't furnish up on your hopes and dreams. I tell you from experience that your vastly thoughts can change your actuality. I hope you feel better and I speak from experience.
The most celebrated question is how long hold you been on this medication. All of the SSRI meds steal several weeks to be optimally effective. Also, your doctor desires to determine what would be a therapeutic dose. You inevitability to discuss your feelings next to him and see if your dose needs shifting. Best wishes
Get help I sometimes hold the same problem, so i try to imagine positive and forget negativeness
i used to be on citalopram...but had to be taken rotten it in a BIG emergancy.
They made me have a feeling worse alot worse... they have incredibly bad side effects and depending on your age and how long you enjoy been on them, will depend on the side effects or drug tolerance.
Maybe how ur foreboding is a side effect
Maybe it is becasue your body is tolerating the drug therefore it is smaller quantity effective than it have been surrounded by the past.
as you enunciate generally you find your work importantly expectious of you and you might need to infer about varying jobs or working something out.
thearapy into why you own these high expectations next to underlying causes might be an conception to have a judge about.
Take nurture, all the best for the adjectives
You have to push your self to see a positive side to everything. look at general public putting expectations on you as a complement. They obviously own great confidence that you can do the job. Force yourself out, and don't sit subsidise down.
I just know I am going to go and get negative votes for this one, but I will influence it anyway. So your problem is that you dont like to dance to work? Join the club. Who doesnt freak out when they have a big project due or know they are going to return with yelled at for something? It doesnt spawn you depressed or mentally ill, it make you human.
honey when you feel low try and be around associates as they will stop u thinking of how u feel depression is ur mind and we brand it worse when we think of adjectives the bad things that's happen as we have time to dwell on our thoughts depression wont of late go we hold to make peace near our demons but we just don't no how 2 right immediately so we try 2 make a impermanent get away until we can accord with this this could be next to friends playing games something the mind can b focused on try going back 2 work possibly 1 day a week and consequently so on talk 2 ur boss he/she mite b competent 2 help next to a get stern 2 work program all the best
My brother is matching way. He's depressed when he have to face any responsibility, but when it's something he like or wants, he's relieved and snaps right out of it. Personally, I think you'd consistency better if you pushed yourself, challenged yourself, stepped up and get back to work. Sometimes packed up or not taking initiative cane label you more depressed.
Good luck.
If you feel edgey adjectives the time i sugest that you go and see your doctor and ask for a reviw on your medication and agree to her know that you are felling edgey adjectives the time. Also if the slightest thing bring in you break down all the time next oi also suggest that you stay of work for quite a bit longer until thinking in the region of the future or going final to work does not upset you as much as it is doing at the moment. It could take 6 monthes or 3 years for you to be aware of like you can obverse the world again butdont let that bother you to much and put together sure you are 100% better before you try going stern to work etc as this will other wise brand name you worse. I think you are trying to push youyrself to far at the moment. Just pocket it easy and you will start to be aware of better sooner. Hope this helps.
When we are antidepressants and we appear to get better, the not so honourable days seem really dull i know, twice as dull, don't push yourself subsidise to work if u r not ready. Altho try hold on to yr mind occupied this is my best passageway. I too have most upright but if i do nothing adjectives day i be aware of really low again, so m y motto is do something, gardening, diy, shopping, walking etc, then if u still surface well dream up about returning to work, but u enjoy to get rid of those blue days 1st. otherwise u will return and progress off again next to stress.
Depression is most likely due to hormone inequity.
When you think of returning to work this rationale stress and tips you further into hormone imbalance.

Women want 20-30mg progesterone per day and men stipulation 10-15mg progesterone day. This is why within are quite a few illnesses that own with twice as heaps women as men having them.

Virginia Hopkins be one of John R Lee's co-authors.

This link take you to a suggested saliva hormone testing route

1 do an online hormone testing
2 do an appropriate saliva test and get hold of results
3 get results & discuss next to NPIS doctor or educate your GP/MD

I hold various links to other sites on this

poke about the web for "untaught progesterone depression" and you will find many page e.g.


Depression is second only to elevated blood pressure as a chronic condition encountered by primary perfectionism physicians. It is estimated that 10% of people who call on their physician suffer from major depression, although it within most cases it goes unrecognized or not sufficiently treated.

I believe that when your hormone balance have been restored the depression will shift.

To answer your question no you are not pushing yourself. Your body merely would like for a time help :-)

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