5 year older boy have a sleep disorder, while sleeping, bang his come first up and down have anyone see this?

My friends 5 year old son be riding in the sports car with us lastnight surrounded by a booster seat, he be sound asleep and every couple of minutes he would start bang his head stern and forth about 6 or 7 times and next stop. About 5-10 mnutes later he would repeat. His father said he does this at home as powerfully while in bed. The child did this for over an hour. Has anyone experienced this type of disorder?

first what his region and his father
may be i can hellp you email me
do you consider he needs an exorcism
I saw this when a while posterior, also with a friends son. While im not proverb anything about your friend, my friends son have a tramuatic past. Is your friends son adopt? If so this could be the culprit.
i have a five yo daughter and she have done that since she was competent to hold her head up... within fact she have a permanent red spot on her fore pave the way from doing it so much... i never really looked at it as a disorder..but also i've known that it wasn't usual. I personally conjecture it is just a comfort article for her...she does it when she is trying to fall asleep...and it usually works...she also wake up sometimes and does it till shes back asleep. hope this help

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