Unipolar Mania contained by the DSM?

My dad suffers from unipolar mania and I'm in recent times wandering why it isn't classified in the DSM as a seperate disorder from bipolar contained by the same route unipolar depression is.

My dad has never have any depressive episodes, only manic episodes and mood swings. Does anyone know why it isn't in attendance?

You know I have no view why that is but I can guess that the fixation in both disorders is alike. I always thought that unipolar did not own mania as a symptom but crucial depression.
Does it matter? Anyway, I enjoy an idea. Probably because it's disputed as to whether or not it really happen. He has mood swings you articulate, well depression can come out, especially contained by men, as anger or a temper. Plenty of men never aim help for depression and jump on living lives like average, maybe view a little more TV than usual and receive more irritable and sensitive. It's possible that your dad has have depressive episodes that were missed, unobserved or blamed on his moody temperment.

The other possibility is that it really doesn't matter. Unipolar passion is treated and presents itself very much approaching bipolar mania.

Unipolar depression is habitually different than bipolar depression and requires a different treatment.

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