Am i going to die soon?

for the past three days ive be having these thoughts that automatically come into my manager about me dieing and have dreams and stuff. i dont feel past the worst

I've had several dreams that refer to my destruction and I've thought about destruction some. Just the other night I have a dream where I be driving down my aunt's culdesac(sp?) (I don't drive yet within real life) and her culdesac is untaken except for her house because no one else ever built a house down at hand. Anyway, I see this man walk down the culdesac out of nowhere toward me next to a gun and I calmly plead near him not to shoot me but he does. So I'm supposed to be dead and the doctor say I'm gonna die soon but I still go home and speak about my dad that I'm gonna die soon and then it seem like I'm not going to but consequently I start to die and I wake up. I woke up and started crying. It be one of those very tangible and emotional dreams, you know? I reason we all enjoy those dreams, though. When I was younger I have A LOT more of them and death alarmed me big time. But now everytime I hold a crazy dream like that I merely pray to the Lord to calm me and pilfer my worries away. I just trust contained by Him because He knows when it will be my time. sorry I go on like this but I lately wanted to share my thoughts near you. I don't think you should verbs about it too much. :)
It is credible. Enjoy the next few days!
Dear Jessica.I come up with everyone experiences these thoughts at some time in their vivacity. While they are unrealistic they are common, across the world when there is an underlying problem. It is critical that you relate your sensations to a professional to determine what is causing this. With admiration to "feeling safe" you should assure yourself that these thoughts are unrealistic and try to focus your energies on more productive endeavours. I do know how difficult these thoughts can be and how frightening but talk to a professional give or take a few your feelings and it will allow you to put them into perspective. Best wishes...
I suggest seeing your doctor soon. Can you bring in an appointment for same day? Make sure to describe someone ASAP. Don't try to sort it out alone. Best wishes to you!
Get you bible out and read Psalms. Start at the beginning and hang on to reading.

You are covered with angels, I promise you this.

You can send for on your angels to protect you and when you have those thoughts communicate God and your angels to keep evil far from you and bless you and those around you. Tell him you want blessing s and that you don't want evil or fruitless thoughts.
Distract yourself from these obsessive thoughts. If they verbs, you should consult a doctor. Often times, experiencing thoughts in the behaviour in which you are can be associated beside obsessive compulsive disorder.
start praying and see your docter
Most predictable if you were to die it would be fairly unexpected and not prefaced by premonitions.
You are suffering from central anxiety. You should get to a physician and enjoy them prescribe you something and see a therapist to see what is triggering adjectives your fears and stress that are making you feel and dream this process. Your dreams just bring up thoughts that enjoy gone through your mind recently. Those dreams where on earth you are dying are indicative of fears and feelings of insufficiency of control over your own life.

My doctor told me to write down everything that needed to go and get done before I go to bed so that I wouldn't worry and grip over them. That helped a bit. You could try that too.
Most of these answers are great, I will say a prayer for u, and Mr Lizard! Best wishes!
No, stop dreaming.
I don't have a sneaking suspicion that you are going to die, unless you have a disease or a existence threatening situation that you are already aware of. I would talk to a professional though because thoughts resembling these shouldn't be running through your head adjectives day.
I hold a life threatening disorder and I know that I will die sooner than later. But I will bring up to date you this: I am alive right now and by God's grace, I will live to see tomorrow. It doesn't serve me to focus on my disappearance when I am alive right now.

Unless you hold cancer or some other life threatening condition like I hold, having thoughts of departure and dying are not normal, even near cancer, etc. They are caused by an anxiety disorder than have to be treated with medication and treatment. I sincerely pray that you find peace and that you feel better. And if I can focus on my time and not my death, later maybe it can aid you to do so as well. I sincerely hope you catch to feeling better.
Severe depression from erasing an expectation contained by life cause the chemicals to be released into the brain fluid. It travels to the auto brain and then the lower brain can access your wires as they adjectives pass through it to the body. Your alarm at the time was permitted as real and the upper brains hold been wired to believe the consternation. Time will slowly release the chemical memory and you will be normal. If you want you can pilfer some pills and be a zombie for a while
Sensational. Your meat casing is preparing itself for oxidization. Your soul will be released and then force-merged into the others. The convergence of adjectives souls is what awaits. Fantastic news. Will the reap be artificial or natural? It is your outcome, and one that requires your thought and introspect opinion. Thanks within advance.

whenever that happens simply breath through it thinking about nought but your breathing. and pray always pray.natter to someone about it, if theres nought wrong with you and your decent then your fine...a short time ago be cautious view what you do your not one Final Destination 1,2 or 3.

good luck.i know what your going through...youll be fine
i own had dreams close to this to but there is zilch to worry nearly. there is a website that help you to determine what your dream means. you should check it out.

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