Am I bipolar?

I go from illustrious off duration to extremely depressed in a event of minutes for no reason. I don't know what is wrong near me.

You need to ask your doctor. Only he or she can bring all the information they obligation to make that verdict. I hope you find an answer. Good luck
Either that or you are female...
not satisfactory info. . . if you do, what you are experiencing is Rapid Cycling. Bipolar is complicated... you can't just own one symptom to have it. It is heaps.
Watch this video for more detailed info.
friend , take it positively.

consider this as your size to move from one extreme to another .

yet you do not loose your at ease and you will take cool conclusion without disturbing yourself
it's thorny to diagnose something like that right away. Try chitchat with someone and ask them if they cogitate you're just going through regular ups and downs, or if they see a pretext to be concerned.

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