How to love myself??

i find that im really self aware i mean i can't even set out my house without engender up when i go out i can't even look at my thought or even mirrors because i don't wanna see myself because i feel approaching i know i look bad. I do quality quite depressed sometimes and verbs about my consignment and they way i look even though im not overweight i in recent times always thought my flaws. i broke up with my ex a few months ago and even though i didn't exactly love myself when we be going out i didn't feel as worried just about my appearance then i do presently How can battle next to my self hate and swot up to love myself.

I have be in this situation, and it is push button to remember (or it was within my case, at least) that you are not depressed because you are self-conscious, but you are self-conscious because you are depressed. Once I surrounded myself next to people/things that were positive and made me ecstatic, I had a great deal better view of myself.
Find a trait that you love, similar to your smile or eyes. And then lately try to enhance only that side like going out near no makeup but lipstick or eyeliner.
Get a kitten or a dog they will teach you basically how precious you are and they love you unconditionally. Who needs society.
Replace a negative thought next to a good one.
Keep yourself busy.
Exercise, its not singular good for your physical vigour but your mental health as in good health. I always get the impression amazing when I walk out of gym.
You are using a practice call for bad selftalk if you confine your self think similar to that and change it around to fitting self talk later you can change how you see your self.
It is along time but if you slowly bear a look at others around you can see their flaws as well next you will see that your flaws are not the bad.
As you can imagine this God love me enough to fashion me look like him/herand God did not sort any thing that be not perfected. Or lug a look at a flower do you think they are wonderful then picture yourself as a flower.
excercising.similar to go for a run or a walk and it might administer you more positive thoughts therefore you might imagine better of yourself. running makes me satisfied anyways so it might help you

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