Anorexia nervosa?

If you were ever diagnosed near anorexia nervosa, what were your stats (height/weight) and symptoms at the time?

I be 5'2 and 61lbs...and symptoms aren't really relevant!! I mean the doctors put in the picture you that your heart is failing..and all your organ systems are shutting down..but one who suffers from this condition doesn't give the impression of being to lowest I know I didn't!! however if you are talking around what an anorexic does then thats is vitally a mental which one does not want devour...because of the fear of purchase is also preoccupied next to the shape and size of their body. One will do whatever it take to lose weight...for example I exercised excessively and took speed up the process... however every crust is different...
i was 5ft 2, 35kg . symptoms? its more mentally close to u don't mentally want 2 eat, discern like **** constantly assume bout food, exercise etc . u will feel under the weather, dizzy light head. but anorexia can be different things 4 different peps coz it might a moment ago be mental 4 sum peps, u dont av 2 be stick thin 2 av anoreixa its mostly mentall

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