Any proposal for someone who desires to catch out of a funk?

okay, so I have an interview this Thursday, and I've be feeling a short time down, depressed, and all that. Anyone enjoy any advice they could submit for me to get out of this mood up to that time my interview gets here on Thursday. I know I obligation a major break and break away from things and am indeed planning one, but in the penny-pinching time anyone have any thinking to help me out?

Treat yourself to a wipe, spa treatment, new style, new clothes.
Have something wonderful for dinner, even if it is in recent times dessert.
Get some exercise! Go for a walk, lug a jog, budge swimming, or ride a bike. Any type of exercise will refresh your mind and manufacture you feel appropriate as new. If you exercise regularly, amendment up your routine. It really does help! Good luck at your interview!
execize child cures all ails and make you sleep good to particularly important plus do an elderly hobby or craft you havent done in awhile you will injoy it
Aimhigh have a good response near exercise. It always make you feel resembling you've done something positive. When I get down I also (even though I quality rediculous doing it but it helps!) will through out the year say like positive affermation out loud to myself. Even if I'm not really impression it at the moment. Right now I hold telling myself that "I will gross myself happy" (I tend to try to keep everyone else blissful first)I say it within the car, walking within the hall at work, the bathroom mirror etc. Just hang on to repeating it until you start believing in it!
walk to the florist and buy you some flowers, or call them and directive them over the phone and when they come it will pick you special if you write on the card from a great friend then write a banter oon it.
go for a way of walking in the park and agree to the animals or if child pull you out after go to a time care or the hospital you can shift look at the newborns.
Or going shopping does it for ancestors -go get yur self a nice untried blouse to wear at your interview.
or read a funny story,or book or movie or get friends to speak about you jokes but describe them to call you and transmit you a joke different times of the afternoon sometimes when someone call at spore of the moment and say something funny -a good giggle can help.
That is adjectives i can think give or take a few right now!

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