I hear that you can die from depression is it true please explain?

i heard that it can arise i heard associates say it can motive death,heart deasise,digestive problems,bla,bla,bla is that true?

Yes...because depression cause stress and stress causes lots physical problems (like high blood pressure, etc..) and also aside from that depression can also front to suicide. So yes depression can cause departure in abundant ways if left untreated.
look at anna nicole smith. subdivision of her death be depression
I think simply if you intentionally kill yourself depression IS curable.
Yes. It puts stress on the heart and scared system. It can also get so fruitless the victim commits suicide.
Most normally people who suffer from depression finishing up with a colourless imune system which leaves them vunerable to heart disease, pneumonia, ulcers, and even sometimes suicide.

Older individuals with depression seldom seek treatment for the bug. Unrecognized and untreated depression has mortal consequences in lingo of both suicide and non-suicide mortality. The highest rate of suicide surrounded by the US is among older white men. Depression is the single most significant risk factor for suicide within that population. Tragically, many of those individuals who go on to commit suicide enjoy reached out for relieve -- 20% see a doctor the day they die, 40% the week they die, and 70% contained by the month they die. Yet depression is frequently missed.
Yes it stresses the body. It can cause adjectives that you mentioned. That's why it's important for someone to return with help and others to be supportive and not in the dark and condemning the ill soul. Check on line National Mental Health Association. There is like mad of information that one can learn within and you can see that they aren't sure how to handle heaps of there cases. Because most are substance abusers, because they don't know how to pedal their feelings and men are more possible than women to suffer longer because they see help as a encumbrance, and really it's intelligent to seek better form. Physically or mentally they both matter.
singular if you let it, I've have depression for 15 years that's when i was diagnosed i probably have it longer, but i stay on top of my meds and i don't permit it keep me down,
I would close to who are you because I really, really need a confident.is true.
yes u can because u r unhappy so u don't feel approaching doing anything.

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