Any Anxiety Sufferers In? Is Your Anxiety Worse With A Cold/Flu?

My anxiety always seem to be 10 times worse when I have a cold or flu. Are any of you's similar to this or am I only imagine it?

No you aren't.
When you have a cold?flu you have a feeling down anyway so it tends to lower your resistance to stress/anxiety. Also when you are physically poorly you don't want to do anything and the problem then is you own more time on your hands to ponder on the things that produce the stress/anxiety.
yes me too,i get greatly down and emotional when im sick,in certainty id influence that those symptoms are worse than the colds but it passes so dangle in in that mate
my anxiety is worse then any other creature can imagine. so yeas its worse than a cold/flu!
no your not imagine it . it feels close to it's worse because your body is low even if you don't suffer from anxiety you always surface like **** and things draw from you down . don't worry in the order of it .
It's normally when I'm tired or hold been contained by front of my computer too long but if I was under the weather or run down then that wouldn't aid either. Do everything you can to look after yourself: fresh red juice, paracetemol or Lemsip and kind yourself some proper meals. Also walk to bed a minute for instance.
hmm, no, actually if i enjoy a cold I forget about my anxiety...

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