Eyebrow pulling?

My partner picks his eyebrow when he is stressed (which is always) he also jerks/twitches involuntary, that i dont even think he realises he's doing. Is this is a condition?

It sounds approaching tourettes syndrome w/ a bit of OCD. Google it on the computer and you will get lots of info. Good luck
hes bipolar
Trichotillomania is a physical disorder, causing individuals to verbs out their own hair. see the intermingle below for more details on help and treatment etc etc.
Could a short time ago be a nervous need like biting nail but if it gets really discouraging I'd suggest getting him to see a doctor. My sister had a similar problem where on earth she'd pull out her mane. I can't think of the autograph of the illness but a polite amount of therapy should do it.
its a disorder, which i forgot what its call when people win stressed, and they pull their spine!
Trichitillomania, as someone else already said.

It's similar to OCD where you can't control what you're doing, even when you know it's irrational.

I have a habit of that too surrounded by the past, but stopped.I hold BDD (similar to OCD), and symptoms of these disorders can overlap.

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