Fear of downfall. . .?

Well, as my headline states, I have a start of failure. . .and I'm starten to discern my patterns, especially beside relationships. It is taking a tole on my current relationship, cause I'm starten to devise my boyfriend is gonna leave me(even though he tell and shows me he loves me everyday). I cannot afford a therapist only yet, plan on getting one though. I be wondering if you guys had any suggestions on things I could do myself on how to conqure this trepidation?? I seem to quit everything I start. Thanks so much, I do bequeath out best answers by the way. . :op Have a apt day!

economically, fear of dud is a natural entry, but it is up to u that how much u allowed it to get over u. And one important piece that I hope will help u sort out things is to maintain remember, whenever u looks at the nagative asspect of a thing and more importantly when it starts taking tole on u, your lifestyle changes fittingly towards that negative asspect, and ultimately that dismay makes that anticlimax a reality.

So, the point is other look for the negative asspect and plan suitably but never allow it to get lying on u.
Hi there,

I guess nobody requirements to fail.Im afraid of failing too, thats why I other tell myself, I cannot backfire. But by doing so, I get markedly stressed up. Best way is not to have an idea that of the things which is gona happen contained by the future. As it is a refuse of time, also keep thinking of positive side.

Why would your BF wanna vacate u? For no reason right? That finances you are just suspicious. Relax!
Wow, you nouns like me. I disquiet failure and loss, and sometimes it overwhelms me. I also own a tendency to afford up on things (myself included). I don't have a psychiatric therapist now, but when I did, she would detail me about other people's relationship issues and it would endow with me temporary nouns. She would also remind me of my positive traits and tell me that I shouldn't verbs about losing my boyfriend because I could smoothly attract a new one (OK, but not terribly helpful thought for me). She also said that I own to remember that relationships are "wants" not "needs". She would tell me that adjectives I need, I should be capable of provide for myself: food, water, shelter, etc...(basic necessities), and that everything else is only a bonus, something extra in time, a luxury, I guess. Fear is debilitating, paralyzing and desires to be fought. I fight it every afternoon, you should too.

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