Am i depressesed??doctors or anyone who have ever feel impossible to tell apart please give a hand me!?

it might sound really stupid!but i quality the world hates loved ones have rejected me since i be a little girl and very soon im in a difficult relationship, where on earth i want to leave but cant! i quality really rejected by everyone and unloved i dont know where to turn and i dont know why i am hunch like this or whats occurring to me..please help me!x


First of adjectives, dont think that not a soul loves you or stuff, because there might be relatives for whom you mean the world. There would be loads who would be loving ur smile everyday, loving he individual you are, and admiring you respectively minute. But, before you return with to know these people, you must know urself. Things that you similar to, things that u dont. U shd be in love next to urself first honey!

I went through a similar phase myself, but once out of this dilemma, you start seeing nation around who actually concern to you, and for whom ur presence is absolutely basic. :-)

Love urself. I have already started taste you. :-) So, count me in your gang!

sounds more resembling anxiety than depression but either style a doctor is who you need to see. For a proper diagnosis. surely they can construct you feel better so you can relish life the mode it should be.
I'm so sorry for you, I can't express. Try to self analyze why is it that nobody likes you. Be helping, communicative and sincere to others. Some ppl are unlucky within the sense that all their virtuous deeds or good inner health r not reciprocated. I am also one, and I am sure we r not an isolated kind. Yoga Meditation and Pranayam will give a hand you. Good luck! I wish I could be a bigger back.
i don't know... you seem to be have a really hard time... but if you want some give a hand or information on depression, then you can budge to this website:
There is no one on this site unless they are a psychiatrist or psychologist that can help out you. Do not listen to all of the unprofessional "help" that you are given because 98% of it is meaningless. It take a trained doctor to help beside your problem. It is necessary to bring to the main raison d`¨ētre of the problem and from there a professional can work things out for you. Do not allow it to be in motion on because time is a hinderance to getting well if you do not enjoy someone working with you.
Hope this help:

There are also other topics that you can check in here:

Just donate it a look, if it doesn't work try something else like psychiatric therapy (it helped me to become conscious myself and why I do some things).
Practise one of the relaxation techniques at ( on page 2, each day, and when needed. Read the page, and use at least the core treatments, and I'd check out the self esteem/confidence, and tips at the mental-health-abc and conquering stress websites. Contact your county/local mental vigour agency, or use the locators, and 1800-therapist website, and seek counselling.
1st past its sell-by date I'm no Dr. so this is personal experience only and everyone's situation is different. It sounds close to you are experiencing some mild anxiety issues and left un-addressed it can organize to all sorts of physical and psyc. issues. Are you reaction overwhelmed and desperate? Anxiety is fear, across the world (proposedly) un-warented fear that can head to an anxiety attack that varies from hyperventilation to assimulating a heart attack. Like that really help right? Scare me into making it worse! You have to remember that truly near is nothing to shock but fear itself. No one is going to guzzle you. Even if they do hopefully they will get full after a few bites. LOL. The biggest problem culture have when dealing next to fealings of hopelessness is that all of the negitive thoughts only generate more negitve thoughts and it becomes a downward spiral of disspare. You stipulation to find something to think in the region of or an activity that make you feel accurate about yourself. do something anything that builds your confidence. Even i.e. to just lug a walk to seize away from the negitive energy and clear your manager. I wont try to explain the law of attraction but it will really backing to find some charitable cause that you can label yourself feel that you are making a contribution or even find a play ground next to a bunch of happy childeren playing and wallow in there exuberance. Once you hold cleared your head from adjectives of the desperate thoughts and stimulate your imagination solutions to your problems will find you. It may sound unorthodox but it is simple plenty to warrent a try. By all medium avoid alcohol it will only compound the problems. You will get the impression like crap within the morning and then realize that you only wasted money that you can't afford to lose right in a minute. Also try eating foods that are high-ranking in protein. (amino acids) similar to hard boiled eggs. Or if you can afford to do so suppliment your diet near a protein powder. The amino acids will help to supply the brain beside stabilizng peptides like seritonin endorphens dopemines etc. Hard boiled eggs are full of these protein building blocks. As okay Prayer is always the most powerful tool we enjoy if you pray possitively and not desperately. GOD Bless and good luck.
Yep. You're depressed. First of adjectives, there is no such point as not being competent to leave a relationship. Just disappear. There is nothing worse than fancy trapped in a relationship. And trust me, that will trade name you REALLY feel depressed. What you (or your significant other) are doing is giving yourself excuses to stay because it's easier than going through the drama and confrontation of end the relationship. Just get out. You will touch much better about yourself once you are on your own and standing on your own two foot. Once your confidence increases and you are able to reflect on for yourself without the distraction of another personage dragging you down, seek counseling or treatment. It really helps (you're not "crazy, lately depressed). What you really need is someone to converse things over with and something to boost your confidence and engineer you feel better in the order of yourself. First get out of that unpromising relationship.

Good luck.

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