Further to yesterday's cross-question...inevitability more please!?

Hey so yesterday I think u can see it within my profile, I asked about my gf who cuts (and its not bcoz she's depressed or anything and adjectives that she just like it). i asked again and she said she used to use it to cope when she was younger, similar to 15, but her rents found out, she saw someone, and stopped bcoz she didnt want to piss of her parents. since then she might own had a bit of trauma which i dont know nearly, but shes started cutting sometimes again bcoz she say she likes it.

If you really want to have a handle on what is driving this behavior, you need to ask her more specifically how it help her cope. What exactly does it do for her? When she tells you that she like it, she isn't saying that it feel good, but fairly that she likes how it make her stop feeling desperate. Feeling good is not duplicate thing as nouns from feeling unpromising. Ask her to explain to you what she is feeling when she get the urge to cut and how does cutting alter what she be feeling, but my guess is that it help numb her from some unpleasant emotional experience or that it serves to somehow express what she is awareness and cannot communicate otherwise.
My previous answer still stands-it is an unhealthy road of coping with humiliated feelings and she can find well again alternatives if she chooses to. All you can do is express how it affects you and that you want her to be healthy. Also, take on in mind how this will effect your dimensions for truly intimate communication in your relationship. If something is bothering her, she is more possible to cut herself in proclaim to alter her feelings than she is to discuss the issue near you and you seem concerned plenty to really want to be closwer to her. Let her know that as well.
The first piece that comes to mind is that she is feeling guilty
going on for something and this is her way of punishing her self.
Or someone have rejected her and made her feel worthless
so she devalues her body by adjectives it.
Or she has a dominant sense of self and this is her way of
proving that she is tough plenty or macho ( macha )
enough to plague the role.
Or this could be a way for her to get hold of the kind of attention that
she can't grasp any other way.
Or is she relieved with her body as within too fat- too thin ect.
In any satchel she needs comfort. I hope that helps.

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