Am i the simply one?

that hardly go out of the house due to anxiety. is there other citizens like this.

I am sure near are others like you...


I do suppose it would be best for you to talk to a doctor roughly speaking your concerns.
No, you are the only one.
i suffer from anxiety as all right BUT i hold down a full time job so if i can do it anyone can do it! you can't hold on using your illness (as an excuse) though. i influence go and see your doctor again and see what they can do BUT it does relieve to get out of the house!
i just about go out due to deficit of money
Is it anxiety or agrophobia?
me too you are not alone. its easier to go to the supermarket beside a friend or buy online. i get my friends to drag me out i steal diazapam and after a while its not too bad. (i abominate everyone) i say that alot. I dont really hatred everone but it feels approaching it.
i dont even know what i am scared of anymore. i yell when the phone rings. as i said you are not alone.
hello, me. anxiety panic attacks the adjectives shebang! i'm taking a panic attack immediately, when i have a fruitless one i cant even answer the phone or the door. if the door knocks i hide away in the kitchen. yep and i'm a full grown man. address the problem why your have them. as for myself i was smashed into from the backside at traffic lights i havent been like person since. i'm competent to go to work ok, but sometimes i struggle to give notice the house. the cure lies with what happen to cause them contained by the first place and not a happy frontage in a jar. replying to you is helping me like mad. its bringing out memories i tried to supress or thought i was over.
yes at hand are thousands like it. it sounds approaching agoraphobia, there are treatments available, run to your g.p
Yes they are many citizens who are like this it is call Agoraphobia.
I would suggest speaking to a doctor who can help near this, if you really feel you can not shift outside to go to doctor, arrange a home call on
It's not good to agree to this continue. You stay home because that's your comfort zone. This zone will become smaller and smaller and you'll find yourself not going away your bedroom if you don't get backing. See your doc, have someone cart you for moral support. There are wonderful, nonaddictive medications for you. They will help yourself to time to work, but they work. Your life will become "normal" again. After getting on medication and you start sentiment better, seek professional psychological counseling so you can better make out, come to terms next to and handle your anxiety. Don't stop taking your medication when you start sensation better because your condition will return, I promise you. Sometimes, one has to correction medications after a while. Just don't stop taking it.
No, you are NOT THE ONLY ONE! I suffer from anxiety also. I know others who also own this problem. My doctor gives me Ativan which works severely well for me. I don't hold to take it every daytime, only occasionally. The down in the mouth reality is that this is really a VERY SCARY WORLD we live contained by. There are so many things you enjoy to be careful of. Overpopulation is a veracity we all enjoy to live with, and it doesn't look close to it's getting any better. Too many populace keep have babies without considering how overcrowded we are already. Scientists hold done experiments with animals (mammals, lately like us) and when they overcrowd them they other begin to attack respectively other, murder each other, adjectives sorts of horrible things. However, if you are experiencing anxiety to the point that you are having "anxiety attacks", i.e., difficulty breathing, ratification out, unable to function, too afraid to check out of your house, you need to consult a mental robustness professional. I did, and I'm glad. It doesn't mean that you are crazy, you of late need someone to chat with roughly speaking your problems and, maybe, an anti-anxiety medication close to Ativan to help you on difficult days. God bless you and lend a hand you with your problem.
lots of population.suffer as you do
no you are not on your own seek give support to from your doctor if you need to, cart one day at a time i suffered from anxiety i be just similar to you never going out unless i was beside someone i am getting better couldnt do the institution run on my own i had to own someone with me taking them to arts school and bringing them home now i can budge out on my own i do voluntary work i even visit my sister within france 2/3 times a year there is hope perfect luck
wouldnt even sit in docs to hold blood taken which i have to for my condition in a minute its easy peasy
I be feeling similar to you several years ago. I had a agitated breakdown which resulted in a liberal of agoraphobia and depression. If I had gone to a specialist sooner I would've save myself a lot of misery. After a few weeks on the treatment I begin to feel better and recovered completely beside help from clan and friends. It taught me seriously about myself, how I take action to problems and situations and although it was the most uncomfortable experience of my life and I hope I never budge through it again, I gained from it. I have to fight really easier said than done to get my mental robustness back, it wasn't smooth, but it's the only article you can can go up or down! Good luck.
You're not alone...
Im 16 and own just finished academy...
Have been bad for about 6 weeks presently and have lone been out in the region of 4-5 times because of anxiety...
Its such a bugger!...
It takes control doesnt it?...
My mum certainly suffers the same too!...
She hasnt be out of the house or many years...thats more agoraphobia but yeah triggered by anxiety!...
Hope you go and get help and overcome it!...
Ill be thinking of you...
Take keeping x

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