Has anybody be picked out of the mental strength system and be harrassed by a group?

Has anyone in IL be picked out of the mental health system and systematically harrassed by some group of population interferring in adjectives your financial, business, personal , medical and social life.. and when you progress to the police they call you crazy and demur to investigate? This happened to me when I be kidnapped stale the street during a traffic stop in which i didnt do anything wrong. I have confronted a nurse at a clinic who tried to perform an unsanitary blood draw on me , and moved out. I was afterwards picked up and forced hospitalized although I refused the treatment and latter learned the ancestors behind alot of this be some medical or pharmecuetical company that hired a security firm to stalk me. They underminded adjectives my personal and financial business and in certainty were criminals on a payroll. I latter learned after two and partly years, they were some how connected to a pharmacy company of which I made a claim against because I suffered a heart attack approaching side effect with mental strength drug.


Thank you for sharing all of what you hold been thru next to us here in YA, so very soon we will be more informed to better protect ourselves.

You take carefulness of yourself.

Be safe and be okay
Yea, that kinda happend to me. I was getting some trialling done for my seisures and the hospital took me off my medication and next I had a seisure they sent me to a mental hospital. who said i be extremely depressed and they put me on some depression meds that they were trying out they practical about kill me. I later found out it be all allied to the maufia.
Someone that my friend knows.
wow. to be exact really horrible. no one should ever hold to go through that. you own really done all you can for in a minute. i wish you the best of luck. hoep things carry better for you.
Go to the media beside your story.
Why not create a new email details at another place, like Hotmail, Myway, or Gmail, below another name, and come spinal column here and re register, then any name and shame that company, or ask someone from another country (on Yahoo, answers) to do that for you, since in that is no way that company can pursue empire in Upper Volta, China, or Pakistan? This will avoid possible lawful repercussions, yet still allow you to hit stern at those scum.
Don't bring this the wrong way but I judge you are suffering from some paranoia. Please talk to a psychoanalyst, they are there to minister to you so don't think they are against you too. You can't see it for yourself but I presume you have some problems that obligation medication. The brain can play tricks on you and it is not your fault but things won't adapt if you don't get some assistance. I'm not trying to upset you, I really hope you take my guidance. At least discuss to a trusted family contributor or even a minister to start with and tolerate them help you. You know a minister will not be dishonest near you so let him sustain you!
Are you for real? Sounds approaching you're paranoid to me.
Sorry, yet you nouns unstable& paranoid.. I've never heard of such a item. Call a lawyer.
i hold

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