Anxiety relieve please...?

Ive been suffering next to ths - Social phobia/anxiety/panic attacks/ nerves for many years immediately and I want to overcome it!! Ive tried anti depresents/beta blockers/hypnotherepy, Im currently still taking beta blockers as I think they do oblige a little. I freshly want to be drug free and live without agitation!! If anyone can recmend anything I'll be greatfull I dont want to keep living approaching this...

Thanks :)

ditch the beta blockers. ALthough they help they can induce depression the subsequent day

-Do exercise -intense cardiovascular and something similar to yoga
-join a help group to share your problems and capture support.
-see a cognative therapist.
-try taking a hot drug called escitalopram. i find it works wonders
-Dont put yourself within situation where you know you would be aware of worse.
-Keep a diary, if you can, of what makes you consistency better and worse
-keep a routine, regardless of how you feel. DOnt stay within bed late and other make your bed contained by the mornings, its symoblically vital.
-Catch some sun rays. its proven to relief anxiety and depression
-eat healthy food, cut out cast-offs food.

hope this helps
See social phobia, and anxiety treatments, at on pages 8, and 6.
There are some self-help books that discuss overcoming nouns attacks and anxiety. You may like to carry them.

You may like to try counselling.

You may close to to read the Bible and pray. Prayer does calm your nerves. I can testify to that. Jesus care for you.

You may like to try insightful breathing too.

Avoid coffee , tea and sugar.

Try moderate exercise.
keeep taking your medication and wen you feel mmmmm you willl graduallly ween yourself rotten it ...only wen you are geared up to ...babe ...take it contained by morning as a ritual then shift with your morning ...
Think back to when the issues started. Did they coincide beside moving to a new location - or even more promising, getting dental work done - especially silver fillings or root canal?

Is the water where on earth you live fluoridated? Do you eat package foods, canned foods, or deboned chicken or drink soda, wine or tea? They can adjectives be high contained by fluoride.

Do you use an aluminum tea kettle, aluminum or non-stick cookware, or a rice cooker or steamer? They all assemble fluoride and combine it with aluminum making both more toxic.

All of these things create the issues and plentiful of the anti-depressants are primarily - you guessed it - FLUORIDE!

I have researched adjectives of this extensively and have tons of links contained by my blog at StumbleUpon (SU) filed below mercury and fluoride.

I recently found the exceedingly best resource that summarizes the issues and provides a solution. It is a book called "A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare" and Dr. Tanton also have a new book coming out call "Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Stimulants - Dangerous Drugs on Trial" specifically about how these issues inflict the issues you have.

I truly believe the information contained by either book is exactly what you're seeking and will give a hand you be "drug free and live without fear". If you want any new information contact me at SU and/or here and I'll help any channel I can.
My husband had a breakdown a couple of years ago. He go to his medical doctor who put him on anti-depressants and saw a counselor for awhile. We lucked out that the meds he got worked he first time and we didn't own to try different drugs and different dosages. He is now much better to live near, not so moody, able to focus much better, not so tempermental and more on an even keel. Stick next to it, but accept that you may want the drugs to help. He know he will have to rob them for the rest of his life, but he also know that if he quits he will slide back into the depression and anxiety he have before.
Mellisa grease works wonders on the anxious mind, calming it and giving a sense of peace. (No, it's not a drug, it's merely aromatherapy)

A chiropractor as well as working near children or being around children really do alot as resourcefully.

If all else fail, hypnotism does and can work, or help.
try desenitising yourself..
approaching chat with associates online, then move to a business close to conversation when is just straight information exchange, and you know slowly build up stick near one thing till you're comfortable and move to the subsequent when you are...
ask yourself why you're afraid of social interaction, and try to prove yourself wrong... even if you were right you can't know that in need testing the assumption... if one person fits the guess maybe you in recent times talked to the wrong party...
all I can muse is desenitise yourself... slowly and pains-taking-ly... take a tot step out of the comfort zone and stay and/or revisit often till it's your exotic comfort zone... then whip the next babe step...
I've been suffering one and the same for 30+ years and nothing have worked for me. Of my own violation i hold stopped smoking and reduced my drinking ( all my mental form experts assured me that if i give up these i would benefit immensely) Physiologically i touch fantastic but Mentally I'm the same presently as i was 30+ years ago. Just adopt it and get on beside your life, you can't die of Anxiety and nouns attacks only concluding about 45 second you just enjoy fight through it. DON'T GIVE UP.
try and find relaxation groups or meditation groups locally. cognative behavioural psychoanalysis is also quite polite for these problems, as it teaches you how to cogitate differently, and how to put yourself in control of your anxiety fairly than your anxiety controlling you!

good luck mate x
why are you taking beta blockers? do you suffer from fits /seizures? but for then i recommend that you see a strange doctor and get sour them, Social phobia is quite adjectives, if you are okay to go for tiny walk with another soul then unhurriedly take longer ones, and introduce another form of flurry like riding a bike together along routes that you would know all right and still feel locked, until you get use to it, and next gradually and if ready suggest to yourself that you are willing to try something untried like a swimming class, these are a moment or two group of about six to eight associates learning to swim or attainment confidence skills in hose down, it is a most beneficial way of getting yourself pay for into society. I personally dislike crowded towns, and use to avoid them like the plaque, but as i am disabled and hold to rely on my mobility scooter to get to different places i habitually take the scenic routes, and seize to where i stipulation to go via that path, and now i enjoy gradually be able to travel out by myself, without a extremity of my family individual with me, (they would use a bike within order to hang on to up with me lol) and by the mode i had also signed up beside the local college doing a diploma in counselling skills, and am in a minute on my third level, hope this help and good luck
I suffered near anxiety for many, oodles, years. I now serve people on Social Phobia World and Social Anxiety Support websites. Come check us out, it's where on earth expert anxiety soldiers give suggestion and support.
I don't always follow my own warning but I am a recluse near an anxiety problem and regard a right nights' sleep, regular exercise and fresh air and a wholefood diet short stimulants or refined food to be my just what the doctor ordered lifestyle to keep myself free from anxiety. Currently giving up caffeine which I high regard as particularly contrary to me.
Breathing exercises are the best way of controlling anxiety. I've be through this and you can beat it beside the odd relapse.

Fear is inherent, the problem is you are hyperventillating when you are afraid, this makes you discern short of breath and you will hyperventilate even more. You should practice proper deep breathing everyday, it lone takes a couple of minutes. Then when you perceive frightened use slow deep breaths and it will hold your body calm.

The rest is mental. When you do something frightening, you MUST NOT rush through it. This is difficult but extremely central. Allow yourself plenty of time, each time you become anxious slow down and control your breathing until you are steady (it will happen), then savour the moment for a couple of seconds/hours and you can progress.

It will be very startling at first. It isn't easy to lift slow deep breaths when you want to breathe hurriedly, but when you have done it a few times successfully, your confindence will grow and grow.

You will bottle out sometimes and sometimes you will perceive you are going backwards. This is normal, its tough and exhausting. Take somewhat break if you're tired and start again from where you are comfortable.

Beta-blockers control your heart rate. This reduce your tendency to hyperventilate. You can thieve daily beta-blokers or enjoy fast acting low dose beta-blockers for when required. I have the latter but never used them. Knowing they are there give me confidence but proper breathing has other been plenty for me.

I wouldn't recommend anti-depressants unless you have serious trouble near depression and even then you should filch great care near them.

There are different breathing techniques if your not beaming with one try another. Breathing through alternate nostrils (a yoga technique) worked for me. Please check next to a professional that you are breathing properly or you may get nowhere.

If you run caffeine or alcohol try to reduce your intake, slowly. It will relief you as well.

Best of luck!

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