I am going to rehab?

My parents are sending me to rehab and said they what me out of the house. Will i live in rehab? What is it similar to?

What is your problem? Alcohol,drugs or both?When you go to rehab you will be nearby 28 to 30 days. You will learn alot something like you and your addiction.If your parents really want you out of the house, talk to your counsler. While you are in that, you will be appointed a counsler.Tell them you would like to know rather more about partly way houses.You can obtain into a half bearing house and stay there 6 to 8 months.In that time you find a brief and then you work towards a place to rent.It a great start!!
You know they are solely sending you to help. I meditate you will be fine . It is going to be an ajustment. Just don't fight it. return with yourself better for you.. GOOD LUCK
Good luck! I think you're going to call for it...but maybe you involve a different surrounding. It may just serve.

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