A book titled "When Rabbit Howls" The Troops for Truddi Chase,?

Introduction & Epilogue by Robert A. Phillips, Jr., Ph.D. Has anyone out there read this book ? What be your reaction?

Superior book and description of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Another incredibly good one is "Broken Child"-out of print immediately, but still available used through Amazon. I credit "Broken Child" as the source for all my interest and further erudition about DID and it be after reading that book that the light go off and I made my first diagnosis of DID next to a client I had be seeing who had be in the system for 15 years in need a correct diagnosis. She is now fully integrated and it be the most amazing experience in my professional trade as we learned together what we needed to do to finish that. Those books are invaluable and should be required reading for anyone who desires to be a psychotherapist.
I read this book and found it very interesting and greatly sad that someone have to go through such horrible things. I worked surrounded by a mental health facility where on earth alot of the clients male and womanly had go through the same things. To come through such a childhood alive is an accomplishment, general public who do such horrible things to their children should be put away for life, or given the annihilation penalty. I am a mother and grandmother, and I would annihilate someone if they ever hurt my babies! Yes these people are sick and necessitate psychiatric help, but I have a feeling like specifically no excuse for what they put those children through.
truddi's story broke my heart and is a true example of how child abuse scar for life.

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