8 klonopin still cant sleep along next to methadone and 40mg of valium?

My sleep is just grisly ive taken 8 sleeping pills, valium klonopin, serapax, my usual methadone and i still cant sleep, i was addicted to speed and tramadol and used to stay up dark after night is this why or am i merely immune or am i on my way to an not deliberate overdose? insomnia!! help

You hold a major prescription drug addiction and your body is hugely tolerant to sedative hypnotics. 8 klonopin and 40 mg of valium should put someone contained by a coma or kill them. You better be cautious benzodiazepines will fry your brain. Take it from a former benzo addict similar to myself. You think opiates and speed messes you up? You hang around until the benzos start frying your brain. The withdrawal from them is horrendous and it can pilfer years for someone on a dose like you are on to wean themselves completely past its sell-by date because the withdrawal symptoms are that hardcore. You can in fact die from coming off benzos cold turkey due to seizure which you would be at high risk of have seeing as you are on mega doses of benzos. You should check out this addiction forum for sedative hypnotic drugs http://www.non-benzodiazepines.org.uk/...

Get assistance for your prescription drug addiction before you swallow yourself into a mental hospital.
Don't appropriate more than the prescribe dosages of your medicine. The drugs you've nominated all enjoy an effect on your nervous system (and accordingly your breathing) and you could easily overdose.

Your insomnia is probably related to your historic drug addiction and your need to see your doctor to hold your medicines accustomed. My guess is that your nervous system is still used to be revved up by the speed and have not yet returned to average. Your doctor may be able to afford you something else.

Until then sway in here and be proud of yourself for having the courage and strength to stop. It may help yourself to a while for your body to fully adjust, but it is well worth it. Good luck and best wishes!
This is too much to help yourself to. I have taken them too during a genuine tragedy in my vivacity. They are addictive. Since you have already be an addict, please don't use these meds similar to that. I take Desyrel for sleep and it works in good health. Talk to your Dr. Be honest about this and he should be ablt to oblige with a sleep aid that will work and not so need forming.
Dude, I had focal knee surgery and don't run anything now, you're relatively f--cked up! Say hi to Anna Nicole for me, 'kay?
PS...Truth hurts...you're simply a precription drug junkie...don't kid yourself...go to the toilet and dump them within...now see how you're competent to sleep better once they're completely out of your system.
Gidday matey!
Yes many nation who have have drug and or alcohol addictions (as myself beside alcohol) have acute problems near their sleep patterns.
It's get to do with the internal nervous system not releasing spot on chemicals that induce sleep.
And even when tired, because of years of our mind and body not knowing when tired means sleep, ...I reflect you'd know what I mean, later we have own confused it somewhat!
It takes allot of discipline and practice next to time to get a format of sleep routine stirring.

I know what it's like to maxed out near drink and serapax and still be doing whatever I be, (maybe another blackout?)
when I probably should have be clinically dead frequent times!

And yes your body is very immune. We typically keep that large tolerance for I don't know how long? A good few years I'd right to be heard.
So I know where your at!
And if it's any oblige there are thousands + thousands of us!
Hooray for YA yeah?
communication me?
Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress,
dietary and medical problems. By making
small lifestyle changes close to having a fixed
day by day routine, relaxing and eating properly,
insomnia can be cured. I found the information at


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