Addicted to myspace?

I seriously think I've get some type of problem! I always want to check it at lowest a few times a day, and I almost move about into withdrawals if my laptop or internet isn't working properly! What within the world. How can I get rid of this??

CHILL OUT! GO OUTSIDE! Give it a break hold fun with your friends and do it no where on earth near a computer
Hi Beth. First. the well brought-up news. You can live lacking myspace.

How do I know? because I have never even logged on, and I am fine.

Anything, once it is strange can seem to be the greatest article in the world. Once you achieve into it, like, you can spend hours, next keep checking your question to see who answered, whether your answer was #1, etc.

I suppose the key is to hold some other interests as well. That road, your time is spent on other things as well as internet blogs.

listen i feel like that in the order of Bebo quite some time ago...totally approaching you, and then as the time go by and people stopped posting comments and i stopped geting hits and loves it become boring and the point of sort of getting on Bebo was stupid. Just organise a tryst with your friends to the precinct or do something fun or athletic...if you think you have need of help you could communicate your parents and they could seek comfort but them probably taking away your laptop is inevitable for a recouping (unless its for homework purposes)
Yeah I know how you feel...myspace is so addicting it's worse after

I love it though!
Delete your account!!!

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