Anxeity ??

Well i had a material bad freshman year...REALLY BAD to the point where on earth i hospitalized. Its summer now...THANK GOD! My parents tried getting me into a diffrent academy but we couldnt afford it. So im gonna go see da doc for anexity meds? And im wondering what should i ask for. I want Xanex but i no they probably wont pass it to me cause its addicting and im with the sole purpose 15 and they dont like giving that to associates. So im just wodering what should i ask for? and what do they dream up they'll give me?

I give attention to you should ask your Doc to refer you to a Psychiatrist so they can diagnose you. The anxiety could really just be a symptom of mood disorder, and a Psychiatrist would know which medication to supply you after you are diagnosed.

Just so you know there are seriously better ways of dealing with anxiety than medication. Anxiety is the bodies response to concern. Your blood pressure rises, your heart beats faster, you own a hard time breathing, your chest hurts. These are adjectives natural responses when you are trying to bring away from your fear. You should be in motion to your library and look for a book on breathing techniques for anxiety. Talk psychiatric help and cognitive thinking is also very courteous.

You really should talk to a Psychiatrist. What you experienced really sounds close to a mood disorder. Bad decisions, spanking new friends, taking drugs, probably over sexually active, probably spending money, but immediately the winter is over and it is summer and you are fine now. Sounds plentifully like Bi-polar type II or SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

It is hugely important to seize the proper diagnosis so that you receive the right medication. The wrong medication can trigger a hypomanic episode and then you would be final where you started and you will own lost another year or two.
My husband and his mom are both on Effexor, and they say it's working. They also whip lorazapam for panic attacks.
i have da same thing. lexopron or something similar to that,it works really well.
Klonopin. I've taken both; they are both addictive, but Klonopin, to me, feel like a lower, safer dose of Xanax. I be prescribed Klonopin at age 15 myself after I had a really discouraging Freshman year in HS. I be able to switch school, make completely latest friends, and my life changed dramatically. But the prescription helped a LOT.

I regard your doctor might try you on an anti-depressant as well if that applies. Good luck and it sounds resembling you'd be better off next to different friends. Mine hated that I "be in a fruitless mood all the time" when really I be just depressed.
See if your parents will consider alternative tablets. Try and find a naturopath who specializes in mood disorders. If you occur to live in New Mexico, I know a naturopathic doctor who does WONDERFUL work, and it is adjectives safe and non-addicting. If you occur to live in NM, put that surrounded by additional details, and I will e-mail you a relation to her clinic.
holy jeeze that sucks hopefully you'll do better but my dad takes paxel its a generic drug does devout
So, you want to run your life through drugs...
Take my counsel, I have be oon anti dreppressants, Efflexor, Welbutrin, Xanex, and the other one everyone talk roughly (sorry I forget) But they all alter your consciousness,They alter your moods, You are better oof to stop living surrounded by a Victim Mentality and start living life.

I don't slightly know how to explain it, But I have be away from these drugs for a few years, and life have got better

Hope it does for you too
School can be tough but do not help yourself to meds to get around it. If you filch meds for stress in conservatory then you are going to hold to take meds for the rest of your life span. That is something I am sure you do not want. Don't rely on meds to fix these problems.
Different drugs work for different people. You should allow the psychiatrist to evaluate you and prefer what will be best. It may take a few tries earlier you find one that works.
Well, I'm not really into medication, but more into natural stuff that compliments contemporary drug.

I suggest you try supplemets first. I take a supplement of Magnesium and Calcium every light of day, and it's helped wonders. I also suggest you try and find the homeopatic medication "Gelsemium Sempervirens" it is for stage fright and apprehension.

I also use a Bach flower essence mouth spray called Rescue Remedy. THIS IS A LIFE SAVER! Whenever I perceive a panic attack coming on, I spray four sprays surrounded by my mouth, and the panic subsides within minutes. It's discret as well, the bottle will fit contained by your pocket and it just looks resembling a breath freshener spray.

I also suggest another Bach essence, Aspen. It "replaces apprehension and vague fears beside a sense of security and peace of mind." This also works for me.

All of these are adjectives natural, beside no crap in them.

If you still are set on taking a conventional prescription, my mother takes Zoloft. It works capably for her, but I'm not sure if they will perscribe it to people lower than 18.

I hope everything works out for you!
There are all unconscious anti anxiety supplement blends that are just as beneficial as perscriptive, but lacking the addicitive side effects. I really like the Luminex from Melaleuca, The Wellness Co. This may backing you get long-gone your current anxiety and allow you to go rotten it when you choose.
Hope this helps.
I wouldn't verbs so much about what drugs to ask for (gee-- adjectives that $$ spend advertising medication is really working). That is the doctor's career to help amount that out. Keep in mind that everyone is different, and it may hold a combination of therapies to minister to - like parley therapy, behavioral modification, and/or medication. Medication alone is now and then the answer, although it is very normally needed and effective. It may lift trying a few different medications and dosages to find what works FOR YOU.

Good luck and I truly hope you find what you have need of to feel better.
Paxil make some people gain a bunch of bulk. Then you will become even more depressed and anxious. I never took anything for anxiety except for an herbal flower potoin called "rescue Remedy". It's not addictive. Made by Bach's.
It also works great for my mannish cat. It's like pressing the reset button for him. I uncommonly have to use it on him.
There are oodles drugs out there to treat anxiety disorder that are not prescription medication, ie.. Buspar, Lexapro, Paxil, Zoloft, luvox, paxil.
Also not sure what state you live within but have you and your parents thought of homeschooling or cyber school. Or if your grades are good perchance even Scholar classes if you school offer it (scholar classes usually has 8-10 students contained by the class and they do not interact with the entire university population for 95% of the classes)
Good Luck to you.
Also try relaxation techniques.
First, you don't speak if you are seeing a general practitioner or a psychiatrist, I recommend a psychiatrist, not frequent GPs know enough around mental health issues to do you as much fitting. You don't describe your symptoms, so its hard to convey weather you need meds for anxiety or something else. I suggest you natter to your doctor and follow his/her advice. Remember, the medication is only similar to a crutch, you need to swot up knew coping skills and eventually procure off of the pills. Best of luck.
You will not be prescribed Xanax you are to young they probably will try a series of treatment prior to prescribing any meds because of your age anti depressants are too risky for patients under the age of 18 you should probably try to find an outlet exercise crafts a hobby it would be better for you to try and cram methods of naturally coping next to stress because once you get on meds it's usually for vivacity and how do you feel in the order of bieng tied to taking meds every day and consider about side effects most anti depessant/anxiety meds own lots of side effects for one you have to be bad them for at least a year since getting pregnant, many of them alter sex drive, some spawn you gain weight, and some even grain numb to all emotion when taking them, some have adverse effects when mixed beside alchohol/drugs -- even death ( not adage you drink/drugs but most teens do) think roughly speaking dealing with the do before looking for some miracle pill alot to consider your parents should oblige in making this conclusion ask them and research there is plenty out on the net about it 1 of 5 americans suffer near chronic panic/anxiety and depression

ok now I know the complete story.......

because of your recent fudge ups you will have a concrete time getting on any meds until you are monitored by a licensed pyschatrist probably from a state based institution you know you enjoy those things on your medical record in a minute and all dr. will own access because it is considered dangerous behavior for someone of your age. so sorry

you will hold to come to terms next to your error in judgement and tough it out. best module learned unfortunatley are the sturdy way reaction to life adjectives about decision but the thing is as long as we are living we own a new time to start all over again. upright luck to you
HOMESCHOOL! im 15 too. u can do it at your own pace. its not stressful.try it.
In university, etc., use either the mindfulness breathing, or word/phrase repetition relaxation method (or possibly the EFT adaptation, massaging your temple, in public; possibly claiming a headache, if asked), at on page 2. See anxiety, and panic attacks, on page 6, and 8.
The standard treatment for anxiety is an anti-depressant because they also work on anxiety. You should have be prescribed one when you were contained by the hospital. Then for panic attacks or overwhelming anxiety, you could be prescribed an anti-anxiety which as you say aloud can be addicting. Your parents will probably be in control of your meds.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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