An user short an addiction?

My Signifacant other has horrid moodswings at times and finds things to complain in the order of when there is no judgment , and shifts blame to me when things are not my fault , he say he is an addict short an addiction ? what does that mean and does anyone know how i backing him or help myself deduce him , no break up with him answers please.

An user without an addiction... I close to the metaphor, and it shows that he understands his behavior to some extent. At lowest he thinks around his behavior. It doesn't strike me as a clinical disorder, just some difficult traits traits. If the mood swings are real, there's not much he can do around them other than to resentment his behavior when he feels angry. On the other appendage, complaining and blame-shifting tactics are voluntary on his part of the pack, and you could confront him (assertively but politely) about anyone more respectful of you.
Get some couples counseling...there you will both know how to talk and tolerate eachother know how you feel. This will help out you understand him and the psychotherapy might help him to become a better entity! Good Luck and Hang in in that!
He could mean that he feel like he is going through withdrawl symptoms, even though he have no addiction to be withdrawing from.
You know my boyfriend shifts blame a lot too. It's completely infuriating. He could do something completely stupid and somehow twists it around to make it my slate. I always ring him out on it though. He usually calms down and agrees he be at fault. But, I'm not sure what an user without an addiction is. It sounds approaching he may have some sort of depression though. Good luck.
nearby is no such thing as an user w/out an addiction
don't want break up answers get a counselor

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