2 mgs. of Xanax for extreme stress?

Is 2 mgs. too much? I've been prescribed Xanax for extreme stress. It's almost devastating. I don't want to go overboard near this potent stuff. I want to be carefree though!

You don't provide us beside enough information to tender you a real answer to your sound out. We need to know things approaching: how long have you be on the medication? Is it supposed to be taken as needed or on a daily rota? How much were you prescribed? What is your phyisical build (height and weight)?

At any rate, 2mg is unlikely to mar you (it will make you sleepy though), unless you combine it next to alcohol. Talk to your doctor about it.
if it is too much for you, consider unfolding the doctor, and asking him to cut down the dose.
Have you someone to talk to just about your stress issues?
or maybe write out what is bothering you on a regular cause,
this helps me to be more happy.
Only you will know. You should try it when you have nil to do, especially drive, and see how you tolerate the dose. Blessings and I hope your stress eases up soon.
You definatley can run overboard it starts off that road ive lost 3 friends due to xanax so take the correct ammount and seriously try other ways to relax conceivably exercise im sure it doesnt sound fun and its not as confident but it works maybe try reading. but dont over do the pills its firm to get out of it help yourself to it from someone with experience. be protected!
xanax for stress? I thought it was an anti-anxiety drug... Any doctor worth his saline will start you on the lowest dosage of any medication then work up. I would bring up to date him you are reduced to a zombie and to cut the dosage! Pronto! Then get some excercise swot up to meditate and chuck the meds altogether.
Does your stress come on suddenly? Have you tried meditation or yoga or other alternative stress reduction methods. If you are too jittery to achieve into a meditative boss or yoga head, you could try taking klonopin, which have less of a see than xanax. Then when you are calm plenty, start in next to yoga, t'ai chi, meditation, or anything else that reduces stress and help you relax and focus
Sorry if I shouldn't say this, but that stuff never worked beside two friends of mine. Try alternative methods, learn how to control your own mind. I never tried tablets, I had like peas in a pod problem and all I'm doing is get up up at 7 and have a relaxing breakfast. No worries, there's time for everything as long as you start off to manage your time.
2 mgs contained by a single dose? Whoa Nelly, that would knock a horse out!

Xanax is an extremely effective anti anxiety medication. It is also extremely addictive and shouldn't be used merely because you are working 14 hour days. (You didn't elaborate what extreme stress entail.)

You should always use the smallest dose possible and that vary from person to being. Read up on xanax and have a heart to heart beside your physician about the dosage.

Occassional usage won't present addiction issues as it take continual usage to build up in the blood stream. While I am not a medical professional, it is a medication that I own used off and on for 15 years.

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