Am i paranoid or do i enjoy something wrong? if so what?

ive been looking up things to do beside the brain lately because for the past couple of years unusual things start developing and others persist to take worse. but here are the symptoms:

headache (in different locations, considering some are tension)
blurred vision
loss of means to speak (loss of words)
memory loss
irregular moods, changing hastily
and slight pressure towards the back of my principal

i dont do drugs, i am depressed and stressed so i know these could and most likely are contributing to how i touch but there is family circle history to mental illness and my father have an araknoid sist.

The blurred vision, dyslexia, an pressure suggest that your problem may be physically orietned. You stipulation to seek a doctor and carry a catscan to make sure that you are not experiencing the symptoms of a cyst or brain tumor, or a desease that target the areas of the brain. Once you do that if their are no results then it is requisite for you to see a psychologist ( i would suggest a psychologist instead of a psychiatrist - difference is psychiatrist is used more when you need solely a medical solution, best when referred to by a phsychologist- psychologist trys to hope out the root of the problems you are experiencing. sometimes hidden psychological issues (which we adjectives have) express themselves through somatisation (physical manifistation of psychological problems) especially with headache, back ache.
Best thing to do would be to be in motion to a doctor or phsychiatrist, tell them your symptoms, and hope for the best. Better out of danger than sorry...

Hope you're ok!
depressioon and cana nd be casued by several of the above symptoms - speak to your physician - there are medication that can help, as all right as mental and physical therapies!!

you should see an aptomotrist in the order of the blurred vision - which could inflict the headaches
You are possibly a paranoid hypochondriac.
I'm not sure..and I'm not gonna produce assumptions seeing as how i not a doctor..but i seriously recommend you go see one ASAP..those symptoms to me nouns serious/scary..GL
Some of those symptoms look like depression, and some don't. So you're not at adjectives paranoid to be concerned about your own form; go ahead and engineer an appointment with your doc, and physically bring beside you this list. In my (student) inference, the most serious and least-explainable are the blurred vision and the loss of words (aphasia), but the doctor should know adjectives of them.
Can you think of any apology that you are in these conditions?
I be depressed when I was contained by elementary school because I be picked on everyday - and that's normal.
I be also paranoid for a couple days after I was attacked by a serial hired gun - and that's normal, too. (I get over it so quickly that I surprised my psychiatrist.)

If you are worry-type of character, try not to think too much. I look at this process - even if I keep thinking or not, the result will turn out to be equal. So why worry.

If it is genetic, it is difficult. I recommend you to see a psychiatrist

For depression and concentration, Vitamin B12 and some exercise backing as well.

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