A remarkably close friend of mine have only told me tonight he think he is a drug user as a friend how to you cope

i think the world of him and own had the outlandish night where on earth we have done drugs for recreational smugness but tonight he has told me he can't capture through the day short anything. He is obviously asking for backing any thoughts on the best way to operate with this. Sensible answers solitary please

You can either acquire him professional help or are you liable to help and support him till he certainly stop and this is not easy as person a friend we can cave contained by. I would get him to see a professional near me. Tell him that it might not be a too serious addiction yet but you still hold to find out the degree of the addiction. After finding the diagnose of a professional consequently both of you can discuss the next course of movement like you helping him formulate sure he does not get into buying the stuff or the most extreme is rehabilitation..

All the mode never not to include him in any course of motion to be taken. Hope this helps.
Try to facilitate him find a support group like Narcotics Anonymous.

It's his own defect for taking drugs in the first place. There's a apology why people put on alert you about drugs human being bad for you, but individuals like you and your friend impose sanctions to listen to sound direction. Then, drug addicts expect sympathy?
You be warned that drugs be bad, you know the risks, but you still pilfer them.
The best thing your friend can do is be in motion cold-turkey, stop in the house for a while and detox.
You yourself can carry help too at nar-anon.
Support him I am also an user but I am no longer using. I have be clean for going on two years. I be a pain hired gun pill addict. I go for help and be put on a wonderful medication to stop the withdrawal symptoms. I dont knoww what drugs he is taking but if his body is addicted it is going to be really intricate for him to come off of short help. If you want to know what type medication I be put on by all vehicle email me good luck
Well, it adjectives depends what this drug is. Some are worse than others. If it is a habit forming drug (eg: heroin) afterwards he really should seek professional back. He can get within touch with the local Drug Dependency Unit. If it is a recreational drug resembling Cannabis then stopping straight away have no ill effects - a moment ago a bit of friendly support can get him through it. Keep him settled with other things so he doesn't regard about it.
The local DDU will see anyone for any type of drug addiction. The number will be surrounded by the phone book.

Best of Luck,
I went through equal thing!! You can't minister to him he has to comfort himself!! You can talk to him until your blue surrounded by the face but if he doesn't want assist you can't do or say anything to exchange his mine! He will have to hit bottom up to that time he will help himself!!
Yeah? At smallest you can help him and be nearby to support him. My best friend is in the hospital dying of cancer and lives on the other side of the country. Be near. Comfort. Hold him if you have to. Whatever it take! Tell him, "I love you brother".
just be supportive, follow your friends organize - if they ask for help afterwards pitch in, except then don't
it adjectives depends on which drug he is taking,of course you stand by him but don't be borrowing him money to buy drugs or your gonna expiration up his worse enemy..

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