2 Health Questions (Mental And Other)?

1. Sometimes I just discern like crying. I'm not depressed, I enjoy a pretty good energy, but I just consistency like crying when sometimes I'm not even disastrous.

2. Also, sometimes I feel approaching not all of me is in attendance. For example, I will be somewhere and I will feel close to I'm drifting from my body. I am talking and stuff, but my director feels adjectives wacky and it is like I'm not complete. I can't judge of a good bearing to describe it, but the best I can come to is that I am out of my body, watching myself.


To answer #1 you could have things going on contained by your subconscious and therefor would be totally unaware of it.
To answer #2 I hold these feelings reasonably often and hold all my energy. It is a form of dissociation. It sounds a lot resembling you are experiencing derealization or depersonalization. I know it can be scary. Mine is cause by my diagnosis but there can be numerous cause for these, including increased stress. You really need to stir talk to a Psychiatrist or Psychologist as soon as possible. Things will take better. You can get more information on derealization and depersonalization on www.webMD.com I hope you are sentiment better soon~
You should see your internist and have a physical and agree to them .If they think it is serious they may convey you to a specialist.
Do you have insomia?? That could be one of the reason. Also marijuana and acid hold that effect on the brain. So if you've been taking any drugs i suggest you stop until that time it gets uncontrolled.

Maybe you're also stressing out too much, i feel close to this some times as well. I merely try to calm myself down by listen to music alone.

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