Anxiety attack?

Why am i feeling this road? help please.?
i've cut for 2 years very soon but havent for about 6 monthes. I be looking up stuff online tonight about adjectives because i was bored and in a minute i feel so anxous to do it. I dont even know if its anxious to do it i only just feel anxious. I cant sit still and im kinda breathing heavier. I cant sit still. Is this an anxiety attack? What is this? Ive never feel this way past thats why its kinda freaking me out?

First of all, 6 months is a long time and you deserve deeply of credit.

Reading about self-harm behaviors would probably trigger an anxiety response within most people; I would not be at adjectives surprised if it triggered an anxiety attack in a character who is prone to anxiety and who used to engage within that behavior.

Don't let anxiety do you more anxiety, if you know what I mean. If you can't sit still, find up and walk around. It will go by.

If anyone helped you stop adjectives 6 months ago, let them know almost tonight. Definitely tell your doctor if he/she doesn't already know. From the medication perspective, we are probably better (or at smallest better-equipped) at treating anxiety than any other mental disorder.
Go seek relief! I suffered with those attacks for years...immediately I am medicated and HAPPY! I never really was into the adjectives except during a few MAJOR panic attacks...HUNNY I DID NOT KNOW HOW GOOD LIFE COULD BE TILL I STARTED MY MEDICATION! I FEEL NORMAL AND HAPPY >> I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT I NEVER WANTED TO FEEL OR BE NORMAL BUT NOW THAT I AM AS CLOSE AS IT GETS I AM REALY LEARNING WHO I AM AND I LOVE ME! GO TO YOUR DOC ASAP!!
i own taken anxiety attacks ever since i was ten years weak and did not tell anyone and when i be in my impulsive 20's i went to see a doctor because they be so bad. the doctor told me it be anxiety attacks he gave me drug to take which made them jump away as long as i took the medicine. after that on a doctor changed my medicine to ativan and it worked better. through the years i become hooked on the ativan.what i am trying to tell you don't ever consent to the doctors put you on to much ativan because one day you will stir to a doctor that won't give them to you. similar to i did and when you go through cancel from that medicine it will exact you to have a great big anxiety attack and you will suggest that you are dieing. yes you do sound approaching you are having a anxiety attack.adjectives you have to do is type contained by a search inn [anxiety attack] and you can read all almost it.

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