Am i going mental?

for a few years now i hold been have my own seperate life i am 15 years feeble and pretend that i have a dad and a boyfriend and a child, i have be raped in my ova lyf and i muse i am going mad, but i similar to my other life, it take me away from this 1.i have a doll call alyisha and she is the baby of a boy i fancy surrounded by real natural life and we love each ova , his heading is david, my dad is grant mitchell from eastenders, i can enjoy experiances in my falsified life that i wud neva draw from to do in my authentic one, but now have a fake tot, has made me REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want a child, i wud do ne fing 4 1, but i do know it wud rewin my life, so im not going to hold one. i dont have adhd and im not ortistic, capably im not diagnosed with it, please abet me,im scared, i even tried to report my mum, but she thinks im human being stupid, cuz i only told her i enjoy imagenary friends, but she will b disapointed and think i am a freak! :( HELP ME PLEASE !!

Sweetheart, you obligation counseling. Your brain is trying to do that for you in the singular way it know how, by taking away the misery of the rape and replacing it with a fulfilling spectacular life. You want that kid to love in like way that you want to be loved (and, yes, it is a VERY discouraging idea to own a real babe-in-arms at this stage of the game.)

Don't have a chat to your mom about this - if she hasn't gotten you counseling already she won't be of much assistance. Find a trusted teacher, priest/minister, someone at a local Planned Parenthood clinic, the local police department, even your doctor's office if you enjoy one. Just find an adult surrounded by a position of authority that you can trust and share your story - they will help catch you into a counseling program in your nouns that can help you to operate with this and restore to health.

Good luck, ok?
I think you are phsycotic, and inevitability to learn how to spell and type retard
How to properly fertilize a garden:

1. Hoe your garden contained by order to oxygenate the dirt
2. Now you want to get a generic brand fertilizer contained by order to enrich the dirt
3. subsequent pour grass seed to all comers over the now fertilized nouns
4. repeat step 1
5. water breifly -- 10 to 15 mins. should do near your standard sprinkler
6. wait several years & wallow in your new garden, if you begin to fail at this you are mentally defective

Goddess Bless You Child

One & Only Venus!
If you are sane adequate to ask, then probably not. I sounds close to you need to turn bad the tv and get out and socialize more.
You have need of to talk to your mom so you can attain some kind of facilitate. The imaginary go can be great but one day truth will set in. Don't pretend that you hold a baby i.e. a huge responsabilty. You may think that you can switch but I have have two children as a teenager and you lose adjectives the freedom of going out with friends. Also if you pretend to be raped You necessitate help. I be raped and you don't get over that, to be precise the worst thing that can ensue to a person. Go and chat to your mom NOW and let her backing you.
I think some of the others own given reasonable answers.
However, it never cease to amaze me just how insensitive some relatives can be. I read some of the sarcastic, denial, insensitive, answers some people give you.
I would suggest that you are far healthier for asking your ask then they are for the answer they give.
Good Luck

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