Anxiety/depression & relationships?

i'm 23 and never had a serious relationship next to a guy. i've dated a's a moment ago that no one wishes me for the long term. as i procure older, i find my self really really wanting a serious relationship. i want that companionship and let's obverse it, i want sex on a regular basis. i purely don't get it...i wonder if my anxiety and depression keep me from getting a relationship. which in turn make me more depressed. i want to get out in attendance but i'm...anxious. hmm, what to do?

Twenty three, yes sir,, you are over the hill. There are thousands of guys out near. You haven't found the one for you yet. If you are advertizing for a roll contained by the hay, most decent fellow don't want a **** for a wife. Matter of fact I don't know any fellow that want one.
suck it up and stop trying to'll all work out

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