Advice on how to approach parents roughly more conseling?

I have be to counseling before, but i surely hated it, so I pleaded to them to permit me stop. I was miserable going. I insufferable my psycologist or psyciatrist (too dumb to know the difference). I have be struggling for nearly a year and I am ready to try it again next to a different person. What is a biddable way to ask? What exactly should i read aloud or write? please give some details. thank you so much.

I own been surrounded by your situation and that is why I approved to become a psychologist. The best way contained by my opinion would be to sit them down and share them that you had a doomed to failure experience in times gone by and that the person you saw wasn't right for you. There are abundant different doctors with different approaches and some work better next to certain types of society than others. I had to be in motion through about ten different ones in the past I found someone I was comfortable next to. If they don't understand inform them this: you need to find someone you can freely discuss to and be able to trust. Until afterwards you will never have a right experience. If you find that you just don't have a feeling right talking to a psychologist afterwards consider seeing a psychiatrist and having them find a medication that works.
The most historic thing is for you to carry the help, so hold this conversation with your parents right away. Simply be direct...'I know that I needed to quit counseling before, but I'm really not doing okay and I need some give a hand, so I want to find a new psychotherapist." Just get the words out, and it will be okay. Interview several therapist, pick one that you feel comfortable near.

Good luck...

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