Anxiety and hysterics disorder: wondering how others hold scholarly to cope next to this? Struggling for years.?

I would love to hear other's experience and advice on coping and dealing beside constant anxiety and panic, appreciate it greatly, Thanks!

i tried CBT analysis to help see and de-fuse my triggers. it works quite very well. i am on meds as well, but if you a short time ago use them as a crutch, you will never see results. get the book "Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy" by Burns, i swear it help me go from agoraphobia to a somewhat run of the mill functioning state.
Xanax. Good luck. 2D
I get hysterics attacks and anxiety attacks when I start to get really stressed out. I own learned to stop them since they start now though. If I consistency one coming on...I just stop...breath slowly and count to ten a few times. It sounds so trivial but it help sooo much.
Xanax is a good med to bear, but down side is they make you really sleepy. There are oodles other meds out there. Go to WebMD and do a look into for your issue, it will give you a chronicle of meds, side affects, and such. I too have aniexty attacks and own learned how to control them.
I struggled beside it for years also. Finally it crept up on me and I became seriously depressed. I also become suicidal as it had drained adjectives of the energy out of me. My story can be found on the pattern at Miami New Times under "The Last Temptation of George Petrie". After human being involuntarily committed to a mental hospital I started taking Prozac. I refused to lift any medication all my energy. The doctor put me on Prozac and Xanax CR for anxiety. The xanax CR is a controlled release version and have a much longer half duration than the regular xanax. Anyway, I am back to better than ever, own regained my natural life and am more successful than I ever dreamed I could be. best wishes to you

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