Am I too developed for my age ? (similiar)?

Hello I'm an eleven year old that doesnt approaching dragon ball z or something bloody and mutinous like that(naruto,zach bell e.t.c.)I infer those cocoa crunch commercials are riduciulous.Also nickelodeon is too immature "yay sternness!"-timmy turner.I don't dare make a fool of my self by copying diolauge and travels that characters do in small screen and i'm addicted to barnes and nobles bookstores and best buy.i'm already thinking what I'm going to do with my vivacity.i'm pretty generous and I usually dont mind reading long page or reports.I'm really worried about worldwide warming e.t.c. I keep under surveillance discovery channel and spike's most amazing video rather than picture network or nickelodion though I do close to ned's decclasified school survial guide and drake and josh.adjectives of this into an eleven year old my mother sometimes think I have to permit up and have fun.I agree near that so am I TOO mature for my age and is within anyway I could enjoy more things within life?55 characters disappeared,dang!

You sound fabulous only just the way you are! If I have a daughter I would totally want her to have a boyfriend resembling you.

If you feel you have need of to enjoy things more work on finding more folks your age who are involved in something you caution about. You could bring a group of youth together to help lecture others about intercontinental warning or fund raise for more "green" projects.

You are you who are, you should embrace it, you sound similar to an amazing young man, after my experiences near immature kiddos at the movie theater ending night, I would love to shake the appendage of a mature respectable 11 year weak!
just because you soak up different things than other people doesn't tight-fisted you aren't having fun or that you are too grown-up. some adults don't even like to do those things. everyone is different and like different things. if you are having fun who care?
yea u need to permit up and have fun.
natural life is short so enjoy it and dont verbs about discovery focus and all them..GO OUTSDIE AND PLAY!!
i aversion people who stay inside adjectives day and do nought..its freaking stupid.
so go outside and do something...
savour summer for god's sake!
WoW - You are mature arnt you. Go next to it. Your one in a million, dont try dumb your self down, dont try own 'FUN'. What is fun? To you its reading, so read, to you that what fun is. Look at Dakota Fanning, she is just close to you, very fully developed.
Just try have a steady leader on your shoulders, when you go to giant school, dont acquire into drinking drugs sex etc, just be you.
I surmise your cool. Go with it. x
I agree you want to have fun, but fun is different for everyone. I wouldn't say aloud you are too mature, you will probably wind up up far more successful than majority of the population, run with this. Soak up fluency, you will do great.
I don't think you're too ready for age. You just similar to different things. But if you don't enjoy your hobbies, than simply try new things. If you do savour your hobbies and are only saw you don't because you don't want people to deduce your too mature, consequently stop. Who cares what relations think. Be seasoned, thats who you are.

One last file. I just needed to say righteous for you for being who you are, and please, never, EVER dumb yourself down or pretend to close to things that other 11 year olds like and you don't approaching. Be yourself.
You just own to do what you are most comfortable doing, especially when it's the things that make you most contented. Sounds like you hold a good skipper on your shoulders and are on the right track.

One thing I want you to hang on to in mind though, is that you can accord with things similar to global warm and all that other fully developed jazz when you become an adult. But you cannot savour laying spinal column and being a child as an grown. Don't occupy all your childhood years near adult things, theres plenty of time for adjectives that later.
I chew over it's a good point for people to be grown for their ages because truth be told, there are too several stupid people out within. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Also, you're probably hoary enough (or developed enough) to start deciding and realize whom you should and should not be taking advice from. People would other tell me I be mature for my age growing up, and I other took that as a compliment. For guys it's a good item to be mature for their age because after they'd probably be around the same readiness level as the girls their age or even for a while bit older! For girls, or at most minuscule for me, I find myself attracted to older guys because I perceive like they're on matching maturity plane as I am.

Anyway, I don't think it's ever too precipitate to start deciding what you want to do near your life because it could contained by fact hold you a really long time to figure out! Take for instance my scenario-- I'm around to go into my senior year of college, and I am a moment ago now decide that I want to do international business for sure.

I'll bet that a lot of empire your age admire who you are and your interests, but probably at this point contained by time are too shy to speak out or to say anything, because I don`t know still in their mentality, they don't presume it's the general article for being cool, so they don't want to voice that they think so.. know what I penny-pinching? Hope that wasn't too confusing.. I know it's a run-on, haha.

As for being social- that's also a greatly important aspect of energy. If there's one thing that you are going to earn from going to public/private school, it's to swot up to be social. (some kids don't take positive aspect of this opportunity-- don't be one of them!) Make friends and don't be too shy to say hi to individuals you recognize/know. If they don't wave/smile/say hi back, later you have to infer that they probably didn't hear/see you, are too shy, thought you were communicating near someone behind them, or perchance there's the off luck that they don't like you. But the probability of that are slim, seeing as how it was merely one of several reasons why they didn't respond.

Good Luck! and Don't Change!
You nouns like me when I be 11. And right now I'm almost 15 and I'm really denial towards anything..And it takes something really funny to cause me laugh not new crap that just comes rotten as stupid. I hated playing outside and sports.I never view tv and I like debating. And my vocabulary is..economically...good.
But..I assume I'M too mature for my age.
I don't regard as you want to turn out like me :/
I don't know..try sports or something..a short time ago be a kid..
Oh yeah. But..if you really like those things...watching discovery waterway and stuff. I don't think you should adaptation a thing.
Nothing wrong near being grown-up eh?
I actually suppose it makes you look profusely smarter.
Oh, puh-leaze! Really, I never liked adjectives the blood and gore that seems to be contained by cartoons.

I've planed my adjectives, and I'm 13. It's not that crazy, some people are soo immature(I'm sure you've noticed)

It's fine, but sometimes I'm sure you want to be a kid. Any movies you want to see? Shreck III ? Harry potter(if your parents'll agree to you)? I've seen ADULTS budge to thoes movies.

I still play with stuff from when I be, like, 7 when I requirement confort from the world.

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