How can I help out my friend attain out of his "Prison Mentality?"?

A friend of mine recently be released from ... he really wants to straighten out his vivacity and start over. He doesn't want to be in trouble and he doesn't want to expire up back contained by prison. However, he seems to still hold a mentality as if he's still in prison. He feel like he can't trust anyone. He watches everything around him and he feel like he have to stand off to everyone who tries to give an account him he's doing something incorrectly. Another problem is, he can't really afford to keep paying a doctor and our local "Bridgeway" isn't worth his time. (I abominate to say it but the individuals who work there can be fooled by anyone to infer they're "cured") Any other suggestions? He's come really far, however he still has potential to turn back because of how he react to certain things (similar to how he react in prison... tough, ruthless, etc.)

Answers:    I don`t know his parol office can find him a counselor or psychiatric therapist he can talk to in the region of his anger and distrust issues. you need to be his example surrounded by the mean time and address to him about what you notice in him. if he recognize it and wants to convert he will. the most important entry is to get him to recongnize it within him. most people dont see it as a flaw, they see it as a survival street smart and it really isnt that course in the solid world
he has to devolution himself... You and no one else can changeover him.

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