Andtidepressants and alcohol... Did I fry my brain??

Hi, I'm on Celexa (antidepressant), and last weekend my friends pressured me into drinking around 4 or 5 beers. (I'm lone 105 pounds!) Needless to say I get so drunk I couldn't stand up. And now, a week next, I still feel drunk. I can't remeber things I did within the morning and I'm REALLY dizzy. It feels similar to whole days dissapeared since I drank while on my meds. I'm close to a zombie. I'm getting really scared very soon. Does this go away, or enjoy I messed up my brain's interaction with my medication for always? I admit I made a really stupid mistake... Please lend a hand if you know about this. Thanks.

Talk to your doctor. It may be terrifying but at least you'll find out whether or not you did and if you could repair it.
you should walk see a doctor, because the alcohol could still be reacting next to your daily medication. he may want to lug you off or lower your dosage till you come subsidise down to normal and proccess the alcohol
Call your doctor on this thing and get it from him not Y.A.

The doctor wishes to know meanwhile, don't ever do a stupid thing similar to that again and start flushing any left over alcohol or toxins from your system next to water. Drink hose down.
doctyor I hsa thesi progklrm......I am NOT drunk!

yes tell your doctor roughly this, at once.
antidepressants and alcohol don't mix..alcohol is a depressant, however, i doubt you did any long term injure

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