Does Wellbutrin SR put on a pedestal your blood pressure or heart rate?

Yes it does! I have be taking Wellbutrin for 6 weeks for depression after the death of my husband at age 31 over a year ago.
Doctors enjoy to recheck you after 2 weeks of starting this drug to make sure your BP is not too high-ranking. Wellbutrin is chemically related to amphetamines and increases your level of norepinephrine (a precursor to adrenaline). I own had loss of appetite, insomnia and my resting pulse have jumped from more or less 60 to 78. I feel amazingly anxious and stressed, but I am not crying every day so I will verbs to take it. I hold to take Klonopin to cool me down if I get too anxious.
I intuitively have have absolutely no side affects next to this drug other than the initial "step up" which make you pretty moody for a few days. My blood pressure and heart rate are perfect and I've be on this drug for quite some time.
It's possible, but unlikely.

Wellbutrin is a derivative of diethylpropiron, which is a stimulant similar to substance. However, the traditional dose for SR (sustained release) is twice daily at 150mg; isn't plenty to create such a reaction.

I've be taking Budeprion XL 300mg (generic) once daily for moderately some time and it works well and I'm terrifically healthy.

Ask a Dr. if you're importantly concerned.

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