Anxiety Attacks.?

Well yesterday I was sitting within my room and all the sudden i in recent times felt adjectives this stress like if some one told me or asked me something i would freak out and start to cry and i a short time ago felt outta places and really down I'm not sure what it be but one of my close friends said it could be a anxiety attack

See someone. You might need medication. If it keep happening, walk to a doctor and get something to abet you. I have a friend that finally go to a doctor after having alike exact thing come to pass for years. Don't wait too long and suffer approaching that, just run get the lend a hand you need!
It for sure could be. I used to get those but you in recent times have to focus on peaceful down to relieve them.
Yes, it sounds like an anxeity/panic attack. If it happen again you should see a doctor.
yep, could be a anxiety attack
yeah one time i was driving home from academy and my brothers buddy had an anxiety attack ...(so he claims) and simply started crying and breathing heavy anyone a ***** i told him to quit it or i was gonna verbs over and kick him out of the motor turns out he was in recent times trying to get attention because mommy never hugged him
If this is a one time occurance you may enjoy suffered a little anxiety attack or social phobia, but you may own signicant depression. Please go to a mental wellness consultant. Mental wellness is better because it seeks to maintain you well not diagnose you sick.
An anxiety attack is a broad permanent status for feeling overwhelmed.Seek counseling should this arise again or you feel you necessitate help coping.

Good luck.

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