ADHD/Predominantly Inattentive?

Wow so I looked at a list of symptoms and I really imagine this is something i have. I'm going to see my broad practitioner later this week to confer about possible thyroid problems, but do you muse I should mention this to her and ask her to recommend a psychiatrist? Should I talk nearly the symptoms with her?

And after, when I do see a psychiatrist, should I straight up tell them "i deduce i have adhd/pi" or should i account the symptoms and hope they figure it out?

I myself enjoy ADHD. It is tough. awnser these questions to do a short time self cheak: that is a paying special attention quiz.

best of luck
you need to speak about the psychiatrist straight out, so he can run the appropriate tests to see if indeed you do enjoy adhd.
Yep, I think you should inform her what tou have read. Because I estimate I may have like peas in a pod thing, but be too embarrassed to utter anything, I have be prescribed Effexor for anxiety and depression, but they are yet to trade name a difference. Definately ask for a blood test to check your thyroid too.

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