Anti depressants/anti anxiety medication...?

i've been depressed for 16 years of my life span, and have have severe anxiety on and off as all right. i've tried counseling, hypnotherapy and other approaches, but have other been frightened to try medications because i hear so frequent horror stories. however, at this point in time, i'm miserable for no rationale, loosing so much weight that i'm extremely skinny, and can't even get out of bed minus crying. Obviously, i'm aware it's time to attempt to try something.

I hear so many horror stories, but I newly want to ask:

Is there anyone out near who actually believes medication have saved their natural life, or greatly improved their existence? Anyone who can say "I am so glad I begin taking these pills!"??

YES! YES! YES! When my husband was coming home from Iraq I be a mess. I knew I have to drive quite a ways (to me) to seize him at the airport and I get hysterics attacks when I drive. Then I was across the world anxious about his return. What have he been through? Would he be matching? He'd been gone for over a year and I be afraid of how things were going to be. I own battled depression/anxiety/panic attacks for some time, but this be definitely the most anxious I have ever been. I have 3 panic attacks that year! I knew something have to change!

I done up going on Zoloft and klonopin. It helped immensely. Please, try the medication, you own nothing to lose! I know that you are afraid to steal anything because I was, too. I use to reckon I would have some type of repercussion or become addicted but that was in recent times the panic/anxiety talking. But finally, resembling you, I'd hit rock bottom. The horror stories are far and few between. And you are right, we never hear enough of the perfect things. If you have tried everything else to no avail it may be time to move to the subsequent step. Good luck!
You need to see a doctor. There are lots mnay different types of meds. Trial and error are about adjectives you can do with the meds, some may work for you while others won't. It is not objective to you to live your life the opening you are now. You necessitate to take a luck and talk to a doctor. I started Flouxetine give or take a few a month ago, HUGE difference, works great for me. I think you stipulation to seek help out ASAP! Good luck!
group therapy...share the thougt!
I've specified of some people who do better on meds. But they spawn an effort to obtain well. No pill itself will resolve your problems. You must try to tuning certain things otherwise they will stay alike. No matter how frequent happy pills you appropriate.
I am one of those people. I am so glad I started taking the pills. I couldn't live minus them. I have tried them adjectives and switch around all the time as some work better for me than others.
I am on Effexor right very soon and it is the best for me. I have be on many including Zoloft, Lexapro, Wellbutrin.

The horror stories you hear are probable on the internet and it's because the people that own had nouns don't go on those sites anymore. They are doing economically on meds and don't seek the sustain from the internet anymore.

You have to return with on something asap. Try it out and you won't be disappointed.
I was glad to start taking medication for my depression and anxiety. My doctor explained to me that it's a medication you don't hold to stay on forever, but long enough to draw from me out of my "slump". I have not have an anxiety attack since taking my medication. It's a chemical imbalance that wants to be fixed. It might take a few different ones for you to find out the right one for you, but surrounded by the long run it's worth it. No person should enjoy to feel the track you do.
Depression is a state of mind and its no good peiople axiom "oh cheer up" ! its just not that unproblematic, it really is a problem and medication should work Im glad you sorted help.
You see we hold thousands of thoughts every day , some are really rushed and can be a mixed bunch of things some positive and some negative and beside you the negative thoughts are warfare their way forward and reaching you formerly the positive ones and are affecting you.
Try the exercise of emptying your mind and lone search for positive thoughts shut out the distrustful. Also try omega 3 and 6 in bounty and definately do not drink alcohol. it will make it worse.
Wellburtron works all right but prevents hunger, and you dont seem to requirement that.

celexa is great, a wonderful pill that most have come out saw "the best days of my life be found when I found celexa".
just similar to celexa is lexapro, a very well brought-up drug that will make you merry.

the problem with any drug is nation tend to think the drug take thier problems away and takes thier memory of previous events away and that isnt the case. the drug simply aids within blocking the hormones that create depression or adding hormones to incress cheer.
when life is difficult these drugs are still working but your discouraged and contained by time you stop taking it, that is when you realize you cant be near out the drug because it does work.
Yes--I am immensely thankful for antidepressants. They give me the ability to surface what a normal, jovial person feel without worrying every minute of the daylight.

Usually, doctors will tell you to run to therapy while you are taking them, so save that in mind. I stopped dream therapy a couple of months ago, but am still on them.and they still help!
Ive taken medication for 30 years.from pemoline to ritalin from valium to halcion from xanax to elatrol..believe me they work!!and its a shame you cant be undo enough to impart meds a try what you should be afraid of is pot and lsd they make you anxious and paranoid...
Medication did renovate my life. I manage my symptoms so that I am functional and able to cope. The push button is not just finding the right tablets but also the right dosage and continuing care. Find a counselor surrounded by your area who can perscribe out of thier department. You can go to your regular doctor but they do not provide one and the same level of command as a counselor. You have to commit to working on trying to find a medication that meet your needs and that can be a trial and error process.
Yes...I am a nouns story of sorts...I am on Prozac and have be since 2000. It has enabled me to live a common, productive life. I am on it for anxiety. It did not merely "all of a sudden" capture "better" was gradual, and almost un-noticeable...I a moment ago knew I could concentrate better..and notice an ability to cope better...I did not realize the "changes" be taking place...I did NOT merely become "happy" all of a sudden...
But Prozac have pulled me through (and I am not exagerating here): My husband's shooting himself and subsequent death (he died surrounded by my arms..I was contained by the house when he shot himself and heard the shot)...the extermination of my beloved Grandmother and father within 8 months of respectively other, the deaths of two stepsons (one to drugs, one to an accident), almost losing my Mom this year.and countless other things.adjectives within a 5 year extent. I honestly don't know what I would have done lacking it...
I have have NO side affects other than I will yawn plentifully if I take it too postponed in the morning..and I be not sleeping well until I be put on Remeron and Requip to help me sleep (and they do!)...
I am MORE than glad I pocket Prozac..I highly recommend it to anyone who may be struggling beside depression or anxiety.
You and your Dr can decide which med would be best for you...sometimes, it's a "trial and error" open-handed of deal, up to that time you find something that works. It's not a "magic" pill...but for those of us with low-seratonin surrounded by their brains, it should be no more of "stigma" than taking insulin for diabetes.
Been there. You HAVE to progress into the situation realizing that it is with the sole purpose a temp fix until you can dig yourself out of your hysterical hole.
For me, in the genesis the pills were great but I have an idea that docs don't really know how to diagnose properly so it is ALL just a guessing spectator sport for them. I was put on Effexor XR and after something like a year I went into the doc and said that I be having trouble sleeping. I be staying awake for literally weeks on end near very lil sleep (an hr or smaller amount a day). Without hesitation he diagnosed me as bi-polar and added Topamax to my chronicle of drugs. After two yrs on that combo I was a impressively non caring whimsical character. My house could burn down and I would sit and watch the pretty flames minus a care contained by the world. Finally, praise God, we moved out of state and didn't have insurance right away so I couldn't restock my meds, they were going to be over $500 a month. So I stopped them cold turkey (which is chancy BTW). I went through massive withdrawls. By the time we have insurance two months later I thought... I don't involve the meds, I feel fine. When I broke my leg six months subsequently I was surrounded by with my doctor and thought all right, maybe I should go and get a prescription just surrounded by case I involve it so I explained the story to her and she said that she has see this exact problem with so plentiful people. The number 1 side effect to Effexor is thing. I wasn't bi-polar, I was have a side effect. Topamax causes unalterable damage to your brain. I enjoy been bad of ALL meds for over 5 yrs and my reflex time is still very delayed and I find it knotty to articulate my self verbally.
These drugs are especially dangerous and not a soul knows exactly what you should be on or how much. You are one big guinea pig to them. The drugs do assistance, but the solution is to use them to get yourself up and straighten out what is bumming out your natural life and then gain off them! Literally I believe what did it for me be moving out of state. My hubby and I just put his resume out to every state for his industry and once he have a job we (hubby, kids and I) moved. It really give us a sense of control and I think to be precise where adjectives my depression came from be I felt that I couldn't control my energy.
I had to be reevaluated for bi polar basically to make sure... I guess it was more so that if I be bi-polar, my doc wouldn't be held liable for what she told me. The counselor told me that this is all a mind item. It is a disease... but of your mind. Ever since then I own gone through lil times here and there that bum me out but I am really proactive roughly finding something to do that comforts me or makes me merry. It IS a mind thing... explicitly where the meds give a hand... they relieve that mind thing long adequate for you to reset your life and next you need to go and get off them and knob it on your own. I really feel for you.
I really hope this help you... be very thrifty whatever you do. Good Luck!!
Medication have saved my go. It is a tool that makes me have a feeling better and more like myself. There are lots antidepressants out there. My father have the same disorder that I own and he killed himself. He would not whip medication. My BF asked me if my medications have done me more good than injure and I said yes they have save my life. They do own side effects, but there are untried ones that have a reduced amount of than others. Wellbutrin and Lexipro are 2 good ones.
Think nearly getting to a psychiatrist and getting the proper diagnosis and treatment. I was first treated by my primary attention to detail doctor and that lead to problems because she did not choose the right medication for me and also misdiagnosed me. It is best to use a speacialist as one would for anything else.
Check into support groups
There is a buillien board on here and you can write messages to folks. If you want a rapid response post on the bipolar board because it is unbelievably active.

Medication have made me feel more close to myself. I feel so much better on it. I be resistant to go on it also, but it have made such a difference in my energy. I tried everthing else first. Counselling, herbs, alternative medication, vitamins, accupuncture, postitive thinking, and prayer. None of it worked, but the medication did.
I took anti-anxiety pills and I completely turned around and I was taken rotten pills for a bipolar disorder. I am much improved and I am indebted I did it. It's been 7 years presently and I've calmed down and I'm doing things I never did before.
It's going to change and it's going to be unlike anything you've done before. That is not a horror story. It took me a apt 2 or 3 weeks to get used to it, that's not a horror story any. You need time to stop doing matching old-same old. You inevitability to let step and move on to something up to date. You need to WANT to do it and explain to yourself I can get used to this. The pills will blanch your mood.
At first I felt similar to I floated on the air, but consequently I was still have my panic attacks. That be the horror for me. It wasn't the pills that made me panic, I a short time ago did (if you backhand a 2 yr old sour her little chair for staring out the glass she's going to have madness attacks. P.S. No one in their right mind does that.) And I needed to stop. It wasn't the pills reprimand. I only get one month's supply and it still worked for me, (no insurance) but I had to embrace it and articulate, "It's OK, I'll get used to this."
This isn't going to freshly go away. It's the frenzy attacks that wear you out and make you depressed. You requirement to get yourself to stop doing that. Once it's passed, everything pale in comparison. Prepare your mind. What do you want to do once you no longer madness? A whole world open up to you. It may have dominated everything and controlled your enthusiasm, now you can do what you WANT to do. You could comfort people basically like yourself. But you own to make up your mind: I'm never going to debris my time on this crap again.
I read books in the library on madness and depression. Know what you're feeling. Let nil escape your ability to know what you have a feeling, and that this too shall pass. I'm not a slave to any mood. Negativity is just negativity. It can't spoil you if you won't let it.
Come on. I believe you can do it. I did. You can write me and give an account me all give or take a few. I'll listen. It cant be any worse than what I went through. Is this post traumatic stress? Been nearby, done that. You have the internet, you can write every thought and inkling, you can blog, you can chat. You can talk to lots of individuals that have be there too. Rest assured, you are not alone. Someone somewhere have done it too. Soon enough, it will adjectives be all right. You'll be glad you did.

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