A type of mental problem?

Ever since I was resembling 9 I began chitchat to myself. I sometimes pretended to "act" out. Its kind of knotty to explain but here it goes: Right after seeing a movie I would similar to I would picture myself in that movie and I would do as if I be carrying out a conversation with someone I made up or someone contained by the movie. After I finish talking I convert my voice and talk stern.
It gets even weirder I can control it. Like I won't do it contained by public. Its only when I am alone. I tried describing my best friend but she took as a joke and said eveyone conference to themselves. I neverminded it until now. I to some extent live in this clear believe world than talk to my friends or study for college.

I want to know if this is kind of mundane or if its a serious issue.

I'm no shrink, but it seems to me that if you are aware of the behavior, and you can contained by fact control it, it is not a serious problem. It sounds close to you use this as a technique to deal next to your fantasy duration. If you are able to function within the 'real' world. ie; go to arts school or go to work. No worries. You articulate that you have friends, that`s why you can function in society. Bottom column; as long you can keep your figment of your imagination life separate from the rest of your vivacity, you are healthy.
I wouldn't ring it serious -

you have an stirring imagination which is fine...the problem lies in the certainty that you prefer your imagination over the real world, which more indicates self esteem issues & trouble beside communication, not a mental condition.

You may want to seek relieve from a therapist - they can endow with you tools to help you boost your esteem and receive you more conforatble in the "real" world.
I thought i be the only one next to this problem ive never told anyone about it im 21 and hold done this my whole vivacity i thought i was nuts i guess im not thankfulness for posting ur question

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