13 year old-fashioned okay to thieve sleeping pills??

My aunt has a severe narcotics addiction. Long and dismayed story which I'd rather not win into. However, I found out yesterday that she is giving her 13 year old son sleeping pills. They are Vistoril and not of the narcotic group. He doesn't go outside to play, only just sits home everyday not getting ANY exercise. (I'd probably have trouble sleeping too if I didn't progress out and play at 13). Anyway, my question is does anyone else focus there is something wrong near this situation or am I just overreacting?

Your thoughts are appreciated!

When my daughter of impossible to tell apart age had a sleep disorder, her doctor refuse to prescribe any sleeping pills. Instead, she prescribed antihistamines, which helped induce sleep.
I suggest you agree to her know that what she is doing to her son is not healthy and if she refuse to listen than you will talk to the authorities roughly it. This may cause an shocking rift in the household but your cousin's health may depend on your butting contained by.
No I wouldn't take them. Two words.

No, a thirteen year weak should not take sleeping pills. You should appointment child services!
Yes, there is conspicuously something wrong with this. A 13 year antiquated child should never be taking sleeping pills unless under a doctor's supervision. Is at hand someone you can report this to?
13 years do not and should not be taking sleeping pills. like you stated they should be out playing not sitting infront of the boob tube. i would bargain to your parents about this and put in the picture them about your concerns. fiiiigure out surrounded by advance what you are going to influence then state your luggage to them.
i dont think your aunt should distribute her some sleeping pills. do you know why he is not going outside to play, SIDE EFFECTS! dont take them. explain to her that you are worried about her son and that they should run see the doctor!
You are NOT OVER-REACTING!! She is setting the child up to be a person who think that pills are the solution to lifes problems. She tries to deal beside her own feelings and life span with pills (and we know how that affects her) and she is trying to feel her child with pills. A drugged kid demands smaller number. It sets him up for all kind of problems.
Pills are not a cure-all. It doesn't mater what she's giving him. It is not helpful to the child for a multitude of reason and can safely be considered ABUSE! Please contact some authorities to obtain help for the child. You can't force an full-size to stop abusing them self beside drugs - but the adult must be stopped from abuse the child.
If its unhealthy for adults to pocket sleeping pills, it is definatly unhealthy for a child, sleeping pills are habitually of an addictive nature so you should do somthing around this or your aunt is going to have one messed up child on her hand.
If she has merely decided to contribute her son medication then that is to say wrong. If the doctor prescribed the medication then within may be a good motivation for it. Sometimes children on other medications own trouble sleeping.
No! you are not overreacting to this situation and now I recognize why since you say your aunt have a severe narcotic addiction your cousin needs help out and fast in the past it is too late for him and it seem like it is starting immediately he doesn't get out of the house to exercises his body or newly to get some sun.
And you enunciate you know she is giving him sleeping pills it is not the fact that he is not getting out to exercises that he can't sleep it is the sleeping pills.
I don't contemplation if that is your aunt you obligation to tell someone the police anybody previously it is too late don't continue until something tragic happens and than read out later on I decision I had said something you enjoy the chance in a minute and how are you sure that that sleeping pills is not the only entry your aunt is giving your cousin you don't!
Your 13,he's your cousin you know right from wrong and this is definitely wrong since you know your aunt have and addiction to pills say or do something don't a short time ago sit there knowing adjectives of this and do nothing how could you live beside yourself if something happen to him knowing you know and could have prevented it regard as about that ok homily to God,he will direct you the right way.
Its not fit. Children below 18 shuld not take sleeping pills, even after 18 u shuld consult near doc. first. Read about 13 danger of sleeping pills here: http://blogs.ibibo.com/viewcomments.aspx...

A better option woul be to try untaught cure for insomnia.

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