Addictions press?

I joined a group of gals who weigh between 250 to 300 pounds about 6 or 7 months ago. We hold been quite successful in our counterbalance loss but I am seeing something strange begin to begin. It seems resembling some of the group are changing from an intake addiction to other types like shopping, sex, having a bet ect. It is all they address about when we bring together for our little weekly meetings. We are not a sector of any other group having a moment ago decided to do it together but newly us. Should I suggest that maybe we should invite an addiction counselor to our meeting? Can people who are addicted to one item and give it up become addicted to something else? I don't own any real experience next to this sort of thing but it basically seems similar to there might be a problem. Kind of a gut awareness if you know what I mean. Thanks.

What you describe contained by some of your friends is called: a shift within addictions. Lots of relatives who are addicted to something wont let dance of the addiction even tehy let run of the substance they are addicted to. They replace it. Healing an addiction is a life long process, and a enthusiasm long growing experience. Having and addiction counselor is a great idea but will congregate with lots of resentment. Contact someone contained by Overeaters Anonymous, they do know what it takes. And sometimes you obligation to let friends run their own way to find out that not the consumption but the addiction is the problem. Good Luck.
Yes, I believe that when someone gives up an addiction they cram the same blankness with something else. I would enjoy a counselor come, it won't hurt to have a professionals judgment. Good luck!
Absolutely. It is called cross addiction and it's the rule rather than the exception. Very normally, people bequeath up one addiction for another. Smoking for eating, intake for sex, drugs for alcohol, etc.It is very treacherous and should be handled rapidly so the "new" addiction doesn't get out of paw. People who are addicted to anything are pre-disposed to addiction to begin near. So just b/c you pocket their addiction away does not mean that you've dealth next to the addicted personality and mind. I feel it's a great idea for you to own an addiction specialist talk to your group. He/she can let somebody know you what I've told you, tenfold and with tons more research. Good for you for catching this and wanting to do something almost it. I wish you and your friends the best. (P.S A 12-step program might not be a desperate idea for these women. They concordat with adjectives addictions surrounded by general.)
Definately you can become addicted to other things, specifically the whole process od addicition. Being an user is having an addictive nature. I am a recovering drug addict, but when I get clean I found that I be obsessing contained by other hings like shopping, spending money,etc. I thought to myself, in good health I am clean from drugs, so this is at tiniest better than using, but the problem with i.e. being addicted to other things besides drugs and food can still ruin your enthusiasm. The first step is to make a conscious inventory of yourself. Most ppl beside an addictive personality, are ppl who own the need to engineer them selves happy beside the things that they do addictivly. We use drugs or food to keep from foreboding pain, to hang on to from dealing with everyday problems, essentially we use as a way to cover up. I feel it is a great idea to own a counselor come to your meetings and submission advice for your groups on ways to hold from falling into addivtive behaviors.
I know it;s hard to stay verbs but believe you and me, your life will be so much better when you dont hold the addiction following you around.

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