How to put on a pedestal self-esteem after out loud insolent relationship?

a few months ago, i ended a relationship beside a guy who was extremely tight-fisted to me. i do feel empower for finally standing up for myself but i also still feel hurt and shameful in the region of the things he said. anytime i feel remotely pretty or ok more or less myself, i remember his saying i am not elegant, that i am chubby, inarticulate, spoiled, etc. i feel approaching the most unfeminine, unattrative person on dirt when this happens. i grain hopeless about the mode i look and present myself now. i hold lost a little bit of weightiness and am considering rhinoplasty because of it but i still badly and dont know if this is the answer. how can i quality good again? he made me touch completely unloveable and dumb and these feelings stay near me all the time.

With adjectives seriousness: kick his ***.
You hold to think/remember. He dated you for who you were. If he chose after to tell you going on for how you are 'chubby and un graceful' then you own to think. Well definitely he found that endearing when he fixed he wanted to date me. Just remember, YOU broke his heart, your hold the reins. He's out of your natural life now, and you are a strong and independent woman who have family and friends to support her. You own the support of all the women surrounded by the world, and you know what? He's probably missing your curves right now, and smacking himself within the head for ruining his possible kismet of getting back together next to you. Even though I don't know you, I love you for who you are, and have full conviction and knowledge that you *will* be ok.

Good luck!
First i am sorry that you go through that. I too went through an ill-treat relationship mentally and physicaly. It took me a long to get over that. Its be almost 4 years and i still once inawhile feel that channel. What i do is dress up for me not anyone else. Go for a walk or of late do activitys that keep my brain busy. I know this isn't the answer but it dose facilitate when it gets bleak. As for the rest just remind your self everyday that you are magnificent and loved because even if you don't have someone contained by your life right presently just remember to love yourself. As for surgery i don't believe its the answer because wishes you do it do you think youwill be delighted with your self your will you want to transmute something else. You need to be bullish with who you are. Or things will never be at variance. You are loved and you are beautiful. I know i don't know you but i believe everyone is wonderful expecally if they want to change what they believe is wrong. But merely change it if to be exact what you want not if someone else wants you too. okay i am done very soon sorry i get long winded and confuseing hope i help a little.
It's not you will the problems, it's him! Don't ever permit someone bring you down like that, I know it's tough. It's funny because you know the saying sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? Since when? Words hurt more than sticks and stones sometimes. You could try counseling and see if that help, but you need to love yourself for who you are and not permit people similar to him bring you down. Good luck and I'm really sorry to hear about your situation.
Oh my dear, no woman ever deserves to be told such hurtful things ever. The loss is his and not yours. What you own to do now is swot up to be your own best friend. I survived abuse at the hand of family and torture at the hand of my grandfather. I was tease and bullied by my peers and ended up sensation very unsightly, even when I met my current girlfriend. Nothing she could do or say made me surface different.

Then I was seeing not singular a psychiatrist, but also a good psychologist. He have me make a catalogue of everything good that I looked-for in ancestors and I spent those two weeks making up a good long inventory. Then he looked at me and asked me how many of those things I find contained by myself. I was dumbfounded! They be few and far between. So he told me to develop the things that I seek within people into myself. Lo and behold, I very soon love myself today.

My girlfriend's love for me is stronger now because she loves a man who loves himself. I dyed my mane blond, started working out, made a gratitude list, adjectives of these things to become my own best friend. The problem is that you are playing someone elses tape surrounded by your head that say that are "not graceful, chubby, inarticulate, etc." Give me a break! Your query is very articulate and I could find lots things about you that are fine, both inside and out. Learn to love yourself. Learn to be your own hero. Learn to be your own best friend. And people will come to love you only just that much more! GOD bless!
One good path to deal beside problems with self-respect after speaking abuse is to consider the source. It a total buttknob is describing you what a loser you are, or if an idiot is telling you how dumb you are, or anything approaching that, consider it a compliment. It means you arent similar to them.
First of all, congrats on standing up for yourself I'm sure it be an incredibly difficult thing to do. Secondly, it's thorny to love yourself when someone has spent months convincing you that you aren't worthy of that love. It sounds similar to he has psychological problems he desires to work through, but unfortunately he have now transferred his own insecurities and incorrect view into your psyche (believe me, you're not the only individual who has have this happen to you...). First of adjectives, I am sure you are not hideous and hopelessly unattractive, and shame on him for finding someone attractive contained by the beginning solitary to squash her self-esteem down to nothing (most plausible to further his own ends of controlling you and making you think you be very lucky to own such a "great guy"..)

Rhinoplasty is not the answer, and neither is an sort of extreme makeover. What you need to do is find solace within friends and family who love you for who you are and will give a hand you relearn that you deserve both love AND respect. They are the people whose view matter presently, not that jerks. Remember that you are stronger and worth more than what that boy thought of you, and most importantly hand over yourself TIME. Of course you still feel hurt, you single finally ended it a couple of months ago! You involve to take time away from this mess, and desire out a social life that doesn't include rehashing your mature relationship. You are a strong, worthy person and I promise that eventually this will fade and you will cram to be okay with yourself as you are.
very well there closely of people contained by the same situation as you. I go through the same entity and on top of that, I have a child with the idiot. So nearby where two of us involved within the abuse. He used to narrate me that no one would want me, and he would brand fun of my looks and all of that, and he also be phisically abusive! He also made fun of my snout as well. This adjectives happened something like 2 years ago, you just hold to tell yourself it's not your condemn he called you name and did all of that stuff to you mentally, you enjoy to say to yourself that he's the one that's repugnant, because truelly ugly empire are the ones who pick on the ones who are not ugly. Because they want to bring you down beside them. Now you know darn well near isin't a darn thing wrong next to you, you know that deep down! Don't agree to some fool do that to your mind! It's over, yes the pain is still in that, but he is not! Get him and what he has said to you out of your thoughts! IT'S OVER! HE'S AN IDIOT! AN UGLY IDIOT! NOT YOU! And one of now you will meet a really nice guy who treats you upright! Also be glad you didn't have a child beside this idiot! Like I did! So good luck to you, as time pass, you'll learn to cope better, and build your self esteem, you still enjoy it, you just necessitate to let it out more!

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