I am trying to find anti-anxiety meds beside mild side effects?

Can anyone give me feedback on some anti-anxiety meds/anti-depressants they've tried that own worked for both and didn't cause freight gain? Thank you.

Lexapro. Am on it now, freshly recently started after switching from prosac. I enjoy heard wonderful things more or less it, my therapist have many clients on it, and near are no complaints about fatigue, or counterbalance gain, etc. I am on it for depression and social anxiety. Good luck with anything you end up next to.
talk to a Dr. but you can try Vilarian root
ive tried everything and own had side effects on absoloutly every prescription except xanax. it works better than the migrain meds(lamictal, topamax, lexipro) dr's hold been prescribing for anxiety and have little to no side effects like the bipolar meds (seroquel, abilify). it help calm you down in need feeling "out of it" or "different" and doesnt raison d`¨ētre headaches or consignment gain like most others do.
Antidepressants recurrently cause immensity gain as a side effect. Some people lose counterweight from Effexor and Wellbutrin though, but I don't know if those are appropriate for anxiety.

You might try some sedatives similar to Valium or Xanax. Those don't cause shipment gain at all. The with the sole purpose side effect they have is addiction, which isn't a problem if you merely take them occasionally, when you if truth be told have anxiety. And they work without beating about the bush; you don't need to use them every afternoon until they build up in your system.
I clutch Burpar for anxiety. I had little or no side effects. It have worked great for me.

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